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Went to the Dr today for a checkup and to get more migraine meds. I was the last appt and it took so long! I was there from 4:30 - 6pm and wasn't seen by the Dr until 5:45pm! That's the last time I book my appt at the end of the day.

At one point I wondered if they had forgotten about me. I was back in the exam room waiting for the Dr and about 45 min went by. I could hear them all chattering outside the door. I almost went out in my paper outfit to see if they remembered me and then he came in.

He wants me to get an MRI because of all the migraines I have. I am not happy about doing that. I have been seeing him since I was 18 with migraines, so why the MRI now? I think it's unnecessary and expensive (even with insurance). He went into a long explanation about how anyone with chronic headaches especially as many as I get (3-4 a week) should get an MRI to be on the safe side. I still think it's an unnecessary test but I have a feeling he will hold my imitrex hostage until I go and get it. Just the thought of that was enough to give me another migraine.
oooh, praying for your mri :)
When you call to get the MRI appt. you tell them you are EXTREMELY clostrophobic and will require an OPEN MRI....they will then send you to a place that has an open one so you don't lay in that tube for over an hour...the open one is more like a CT scan. I had an MRI this year and I will definitely opt for an open one next brother works radiology and they will honor your request as long as you are very strong in your request and don't budge!
Best of luck to are in my prayers!
Hello Claudine,

I have followed your work for some time, and own your two books. Your have been an inspiration to me. I also have one of your dvds. I was sorry to read that you suffer from migraines. I have had that affliction for many years. They have gotten better with meditation and learning how to relax and not get too driven about things. I had the vision thing tonight just before I read your blog. It's not accompanied by the pain anymore, thank goodness. I've heard that migraines get better as you get older and that has certainly been true for me. Meditation and learning how to let go of things have really helped in so many ways. I wish you the best of health and I will be including you in my prayers.

My gratitude to you for all you've shown me.
hey girl! you know, crazy as it sounds i havnt had a migraine since I got pregnant! & I used to get them quite often too. I have no idea if there is any medical studies on this or if i'm just a fluke, but amen! something to think about... it was great seeing you in portland! & i'm glad we got to room together otherwise we probably wouldnt have seen each other, huh? good luck with the MRI, i guess your better off knowing you are all in the clear. Maybe the doctor will do a trade for a custom family portrait? lol! would life be SO much easier if we all could do that??? love you!
Hope everything goes well. I'm a migraine sufferer too... know what you're going through... LOVE the doc pic though! :)
i too have migranes, the imitrex is a miracle drugh for me...i have gone 3 times for an mri and i just cant do it. i also went for the open mri, but they put your head in a darth vader type face cover, and it just freaks me out. they suggest valium, but i am afraid i would really freak out...good luck to you, and please let me know, if you find an mri that is doable !!
Have you ever considered Chiropractics? When ever I start having headaches I make an appointment with my Chiropractor. I'd try and get a recommendation from someone in your area though...I have a great one now but have also been to one that didn't help me at all.
thanks guys! I am not really worried about the test I feel strongly that there is nothing wrong with my brain, just not excited about spending the money and the time away from work and going in that tube. I am very claustrophobic. I will ask for an open MRI and see if I can get it!

it's still a few weeks off so for now I won't worry :)
Get another doctor. That's the best way to take care of yourself. And you get a new perspective.
1)Agree with the open MRI but accupunture would work wonders also. Think about it.
2)And have date night with hubby.
3) And don't work until 3:00 am (she says wearily)
4) good luck
I have discovered if you schedule dr appts as the FIRST one after lunch then you are in and out in no time. Make sure to emphasize you must be the first person.

There are all sorts of things that can cause migraine's even something as simple as a food allergy, maybe you should see someone with a different perspective.
hoping you get it over with soon...please take care of yourself!
I had an MRI after a TIA years ago. It was the closed kind (no open then) and it was a bit freaky. I used a suggestion that a friend gave me and used for her daughter, who had to have several MRIs, to play back a movie in my head. So I picked The Little Mermaid and sang the songs in my head. It made the whole thing go quicker, but even so, in that tube with the noise - ugh!
My best friend just went through this exact thing, chronic headaches so they wanted to do a head scan. She agreed, they did it and found nothing wrong so even though they're sort of back to square one, at least the Drs can now rule that out. I agree w/Donna, just sing a song in your head and focus on that song or perhaps prayer during the really helps!
I hope the MRI goes well. I can't imagine what a migraine must feel like. Just think though, how much more great work you will be able to do if you can get them under control.
I can so relate to your doctor experience. I think you should get the MRI to be on the safe side. I have been doing a lot of research and have found that migraines are often caused by things that doctors don't check allergies, hormones, low blood sugar, emotional issues, etc. You may have already gone that route, but just wanted to share the info. if it might help.
Yep, insist on the open MRI if you are uncomfortable. Also, from one who knows, the best time for an appointment is just before lunchtime - around 11:30 for my doc;they are all in a strut to get out of the office and to the diner before all the other office folks get off!
Good luck with the tests.
Suzanne G in NC
~saw your puppet-mking show on Craft Lab - great (I'm doing them for Christmas placeholders!!)
Also, if you can't get to the open MRI, Claudine, try a damp washcloth over your eyes - it keeps you from involuntarily opening them and see how close the roof is! ack!
Oh Claudine, I used to get that many too. Things I did and do to cut the number of headaches drastically: went off the pill, started doing sit ups every night, 100 in a combination of sitting up to the right, then left then to center - for me this stretches all the shoulder neck area where I carry my stress. My "migraine cocktail" - if I wake up with one on a show morning: 100mg of imitrex, 2 excedrin and a large iced coffee. I know we are all very different as are our cures, I wish you pain free days ahead!
try acupuncture for your migraines..:)
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