I'm home!
I made it home just a couple hours ago! I am exhausted.

I have no idea how I taught 7 classes in 5 days last year. This year I only taught 3 days and I am wiped out. Completely wiped OUT! It was great to see everyone, especially my other teaching buddies and my roomies Karen and Lesley. I miss you guys already!

It was an easy flight home with no delays in Texas (yay!!), not like my 22 hour odyssey I ended up with last year. I read this book on the flights to Portland last week (loved it!!). Then I read this book today on the way home. I bought it at the Portland airport based only on the fact that I thought the cover looked cool -- literally seconds before my flight boarded. It was OK, especially for a book judged solely on it's cover and it did help pass the time.

I have just tended to my email and now I am off to unpack, eat and recover. I hope to be able to be back in the studio tomorrow so I want to get plenty of rest tonight.

Thank you to everyone who took my classes! My next class will be in Feb in Bonita Springs FL. That feels a long way away but I can bet that it will be here before I know it!

I am off to watch House and rest, rest, rest!

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I hope you take some time for yourself to relax (spa?? Massage???)
Heard A&S was amazing (maybe next time...)
Claudine, I saw you on the Martha Stewart show and you were terrific! You were so cool & calm. I love your art, and am so proud of you and all the crafts that you do. Just remember to take a little time for yourself. Happy crafting! PattieWack
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