Martha Stewart segment is now online!
Oh boy! My Martha Stewart Segment is now on her web site. Yay! Click here to watch the video online. I finally got to see it and now I know what I said! Yay! It is so weird how I remembered all most none of it but then after watching it, I was thinking oh! I remember that and I remember that too!

Lots of people have asked me if Martha knew about the donkeys that I gave her at the end of the segment. Those were a surprise that the producer Lenore cooked up and I think it was a hit. Martha seemed genuinely delighted and after the segment Martha told her assistant to put them in her office. yay! I wish I could have seen the real donkeys, they looked so cute in the photos they sent me.

Disclaimer: Just a quick note that this project is for adults only. Because I am using metal, I want to stress that the only place where children should be come involved is if you are using photos of them as the subjects. Seems a couple viewers thought that since we talked about how much kids would love seeing them that we were endorsing crafting this project with kids. Please do not do this project with children and as always use common sense when using sharp objects like metal and scissors and if you are accident prone , please wear gloves

Paul called me tonight to let me know that he is totally addicted to The Martha Stewart Show now, he told me he is watching other episodes and totally enjoying them now that he has been behind the scenes! He already gets Everyday Food Magazine, looks like Paul is a Martha fan too!

Tomorrow I am still here all day in meetings in NJ and then I fly home late, late tomorrow night, I will land in Orlando about 1am. See you later once I recover this weekend!

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it aired today in Australia on the 'How To' channel on cable!!
congrats - you were wonderful!!! so happy to have seen you on TV!
Hello, I'm Naratip from thailand. I just saw the video from, then I visit your site. I love your works, there are so adorable.:) Keep doing good job. Congratulation!
Very cool! Well done, you've done a great job presenting your art, it came across very enthusiastic :o)
I loved watching your segment! The projects were fantastic and I'm going to be getting myself some of that aluminum flashing! What a great idea! Bravo!
So exciting! You did a great job and your artwork is a perfect fit for Martha!
Congratulations on a fine show! I didn't see it on TV, but I did watch the video. You were wonderful, and your project is adorable.
claudine - congrats on the segment! you were fantastic. what a cool thing to be on martha. *high five* girl :)
I'm so glad this is here. I got all ready to watch you on the MS show (it had been on my calendar) and I found out it was an hour earlier! All I saw was her signing off that day. I don't know how I got the time wrong, but I'm thinking the local station may have moved the time when the fall season started. Looking forward to watching, Claudine. Congratulations on your stardom.
where are you in NJ??
so i'm tearing up watching the replay. i can't express how proud i am. you were LOVELY and you kept things moving!
I finally got a chance to see it last evening (it was 1 day delayed in the evening here, but had Mom tape it just in case). You did FANTASTIC!!! you didn't look nervous at all. Your shirt selection was adorable (I know you were worried about what to wear). The gift of the donkey's was SUPER and I am sure a BIG HIT with Ms. M. Congrats on achieving one of your you will get a lot more great contacts from this segment too!!!
You were fantastic! I agree, the shirt was perfect and I bet you will be asked where it came from! You are so generous to share how you make your wonderful creations! You made it look so easy!
Thank you all for sharing our joy over the past two days. All the sweet, caring things you have posted really made the occasion even that more special.

It was through all your postings that I learned how Claudine had done on the show as it wasn't broadcast in Orlando for several hours.
Hey Claudine,
I finally got to see the segment on Martha's site. You were great, I loved what you made.

Gabriela Delworth
Neat! You did great and I am really impressed with the project... I want to give it a try, and since you've been so generous about sharing the process I think I may be successful! Thank you and congratulations!
Just watched you from home in Scotland thanks to the link, you are beautiful and were really brilliant on screen, one day you'll have your own show!! Congratulations, Judy
Claudine, Claudine! You made it girl! I cried during your segment. You did SO WELL! What a spectacular event in your life and your career. It made me cry, in a good way.

Thanks for all the wonderful comments the past couple days. It has been a joy to read them. I swelled with pride while she was doing the segment. She was simply amazing. It was incredible to be with her for that magical moment. I'm still on cloud 9! I'm one lucky dude :)

Special thanks to all those who worked on the show to make it possible.
Paul (Claudine's hubby)
I am so happy for you and your great day!
I love that Martha and I love that Paul has discovered the show, It is a GOOD THING!
I am so glad that the video was posted! I put it in my Outlook calandar that you were on and when I went to turn on Martha at the 'usual' time- she wasn't on...and I looked at all the morning listings and she wasn't there....oh no!! NO MARTHA??? It was later in the day that I saw that they moved her show to 1:00...but I MISSED your show...and now I have seen it. yay!! You did a great job!!
all the Best,
Elizabeth Parsons
I just watched this show on my Tivo! You were sooooo great! I am so in awe of how you have grown as an artist and you just keep getting bigger and bigger! Years from now when you are this big superstar, I will be able to say...I took some of her classes when she taught them way back when! LOL You go girl!
Claudine, I finally got to watch the show online - because of work I wasn't able to watch it on TV. You are so sweet - looks like you really impressed Martha. You did an outstanding job - what a pro! You are truly an inspiration to all of us creative dreamers out there.
I am so supremely proud! I know this will rocket you to more wonderful opportunities! You are a star! We miss you guys!
Congratulations on a great performance on the Martha Stewart show. And great you put the link on here so I got to see it overhere in the Netherlands. So great you even tought of cutting loose the arm before gluing the puppet down, I would surely have forgotten this on a show moment like that. (probable will forget it when I try to make such a lovely puppet also) Wishing you all the best and thank's for sharing your lovely work,

I am attending the inspired event because it has been my dream to take a class with you!! I look forward to it.
I was not able to watch on the day. Thanks for providing the link. You have gotten me wanting to create!!!
Mechiel from Texas

I had tears in my eyes, too, and I don't even know you, lol, I mean, in person. I just love your books, as they are part of the "Canon of Holy Books" for collage and mixed media artists everywhere. So, to see you with the big M, it was like "Yup, the secret's out of the bag, now." It was like towards the end of Jerry Maguire when Cuba Gooding Jr.'s character was catapulted into fame, lol.

I hope you can just enjoy this moment right now, because Claudine Hellmuth is about to become a household name. Seriously, here comes the scrapbook paper designer line (actually, more like a whole 3 aisle's of ephemera, papers, paints, stamps, inks, supplies, all with your fabulous designs), and/or the poster girl for Golden Paints and Mediums (and after that segment, I think there may be a fast depletion of the gel medium on the market...may need to go stock up now, lol), and/or Claudine's Clothing Design (so love the shirt you were wearing), commission work for the next 10 years, people begging for you to host your workshop EVERYWHERE (I mean, more than they are now, lol). With your infectious personality, yup, it's all going to happen.

I'm so deliriously happy for you.

Many blessings to you and your family, Claudine,

I almost cried seeing you on Martha! Seriously, you did such a great job, like it was 2nd nature.


Gigantic congratulations again, Claudine! You were just fantastic and I hope this does amazing things for you! xoxo, Heather
Hi Claudine, I live in Italy so I could view just the segment on the Martha Stewart site, you've been great, really natural and professional! Congratulation!
I've also bought your book and received two days ago, it's amazing.
hugs from Italy
You did a great job! We've got it saved on the DVR. Just so you know, Liam loved the show too. We watched it together and he never even asked to switch to Spongebob. And he asked me to rewind your segment when it was done. Okay... he is 3 years old and he was just as excited to see your Sitting Pretties as I was. Hope to see you in your own show soon!!!!!!
I am so proud of you! What a delightful guest you were. You made it all look so enjoyable and easy. I look forward to seeing more of you. Just wonderful.
Dear Claudine,
Just found your blog and am so happy to read about your adventures with Martha. Congratulations on a great job.
It especially hit home with me because I have also been on the show a couple of times (I'm The Glitter Lady) and had the exact same experiences!!! It was such fun for me to read all about you! And it sounds like you enjoyed being on the show. Everyone was sooooo extremely nice...a great staff. Yes, it was a bit of a blurr for me, too! Isn't Lenore wonderful? And being in MS's Art Department was a real thrill...
Am looking forward to seeing your segment online. You can see mine via my blog by looking in the faves section at Martha & Me videos...
Congrats again to you and I wish you much success. Your products are wonderful.
Claudine - Congrats on your successful premiere with Martha.
I'm a relatively new fan of yours, having discovered you via a friend's blog. Your work is special & stands out. Thanks for sharing so much in your blog.
Claudine - *Loved* your segment with Martha!! I've long been an admirer of your work and talent. This project is SO doable - I can hardly wait to get the supplies to make some for Christmas gifts!

Thanks for being such an inspiration.
Wonderful work, Claudine!!! You should be SO proud!!! Artha was positively giddy with her donkey art!! Excellent!! BIG Congrats!!! You are an inspiration!!
Hi Claudine,
My girls made them with cardstock (as did I) and they sat up very well. I knew I'd cut myself on the flashing (I'm very clumsy) so I used paper, but it's nice that you remind people about that. I looooved the segment and have it saved on my TiVo. I am telling everyone to try them, they are sooo much fun and addicting and your are brilliant to come up this!! Thanks again, Lia
p.s. I heart Martha too and now I heart her even more! I couldn't imagine standing next to her, wow! :)
Uh My Gawd - I have touched the same dog cone puppet as Martha!!!! You are so awesome congrats!
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