weekend update!
I started off the weekend yesterday with a huge 24 hour migraine. I had an important business phone call with lawyers and the whole nine yards and it gave me a major headache. I can't tell you what is going on just yet, but hopefully soon (it will be exciting if it all works out)! I took an imitrex and tried ignoring the migraine, and went to see The Simpons with Paul (fun movie!) then tried over medicating but not even two imitrex (max dosage for 24 hours) could get rid of it so I gave in and just rested in the dark, it finally went around 11am this morning.

Then discovered that my car has a dead battery. Thank goodness it died in the garage and not while I was out running errands! I called AAA to come and install a new battery but they won't do it for VW Beetles. But they came and checked the battery and pronounced it dead, so dead in fact that they told me it was not safe to drive it the 12 miles to the dealer. So now on Monday I need to have it towed.

Just now opened the mail and discovered that the homeowners insurance( Allstate) that dropped us automatically enrolled us into another insurance company (Royal Palm) without our consent. We had signed on with a different insurance company (Tower Hill) after we got the drop notice. So now I have to make a bunch of calls on Monday to sort that out and make sure we aren't being billed for two policies. These sneaky insurance companies!

Looks like Monday will be a busy day already and it's not even here yet!


Hey Claudine! I had a migraine yesterday too. Right AFTER watching The Bourne Ultimatum. ... do you get the yucky vomiting kind? I HATE migraines... but I'm blessed with them! Oh--and I used to have a VW beetle. Mine was silver. What color is yours? I upgraded to a Jetta when I had a baby (easier to get in and out of the backseat)...and then we just got an SUV and my hubby now drives the jetta. Anyway, I've def. had an experience with VW batteries... and they suck! They are "special" batteries.......... good thing AAA didn't touch it... I had mine do that once and they went ahead and changed it out and it died again within a week! ! ! Good luck w/ your car troubles....
Oh yuck, I hate all that stuff, dead batteries and paperwork, no fun. Glad you're feeling better!
You work so hard, I'm not surprised you get headaches. Take care! The insurance thing happened with my folks also, it is crazy down there.
stress! sorry to hear it all. sometimes the dark and bed are all one can do.
here's to a better week ahead for you.
I have a beetle-- love it - hmmm I havent had the battery changed yet though eeek!
We have allstate- Lord I hope we dont have to go through that-- there should be a law against insurance companies.. dropping -
I hate migraines!

You want me to call my dad to teach you how to change the battery? It's not that hard. Sometimes all that you need is a can of coke. Sounds ridiculous, but it's true. I've saved many a stranded victim with a soda.
Hi, Claudine! I love your art, I saw it some time ago in Home Comapnion...and decided to stop by your blog after seeing it in Artful Blogging!! SOOOO much fun!! Thanks for sharing!
AllState is the worst! They've got bad manners when it comes to renewing policies via cancellation notices just to 'alarm' you when your policy is about to expire!

StateFarm is our choice of insurers.

I also had battery issues last month -I think because I don't drive it frequently enough? AAA wanted to gouge me, so we picked one up for my Accord at PepBoys.

Best o'luck!
dearest claudine
i winced when you described the migraine. talking with lawyers is not for the faint-hearted.
however, when i heard of the VW Beetle battery dead. in the garage. with you to find it there,cold and all inanimate. oh, the humanity.
can't wait to hear the good news of your new venture!.
terry lee
p.s. this is my first ever blog post! lucky YOU!
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