sunday = yard work
Today was all about yard work. Paul and I spent 5 hours in the hot blazing sun weeding, planting and trimming. We just did a big weeding session a couple of weeks ago but since it's summer everything grows so fast, it's out of control! It was hard work, but it looks really good now, I can't wait for the new plants I got today to fill in. I like really crowded flower beds with flowers everywhere!

Good news about the wayward package! I checked the USPS web site on the off chance there was a tracking update and it says it's in WA at the main facility. Hooray! It will be delivered tomorrow (I hope). At least it is not lost. Whew!!

I never in a million years thought it would take that long for a priority mail package to get from FL to WA. I sent a priority mail package to my rep in San Francisco a couple weeks ago and I sent it on a Monday and she had it on Wednesday. Go figure! I also need to have a little talk with my local Post Office. Seems they do not scan in my click-n-ship packages as "received" which is annoying for my customers because when they go to look at tracking it says something to the effect of "the label has been created but we can't confirm its been sent" which I do not like at all. grrr!

I may just switch all my shipping to DHL which I use for my big artworks anyway. The only bad thing is it's more expensive and I'd miss those free USPS boxes .... but after this scare, might be worth it!


shipping can be such a nightmare!
good luck to you...
Glad to hear the package is safe and you can rest easy. Love the little girl and her thirsty pup!
Agh, I've had my share of problems with priority mail as well. Good luck. And I love the interaction of the little girl and her dog in your collage above! Very nice.
The USPS has been awful of late with getting packages to where they need to be, I sent a Priority Mail pacakge to Jackson, Mississippi on July 26th, it took until August 18th to get there!
I just *had* a talk with my guy at the PO about tracking packages via *Delivery Confirmation.* He indicated that the USPS *sells* the delivery confirmation as a *tracking vehicle* but it does not track (like UPS).

Oh, I just love that garden pic - is that you Claudine?
I've long admired your work but never realized you lived right here in Florida with the other 13 million+ of us! When you talk about yard work, I can so relate. My darling husband and I have devoted nearly every Sunday morning, early, early, to keeping the weeds at bay this summer. Many people don't realize that with the summer rainy season in Florida, you can watch the grass grow!

Anyway, I'm delighted you're in my neck of the woods and will watch for you to visit sunny south Florida! I just love your stuff! Congratulations on the Martha Stewart thing too! She's one of my favorite people!

Constance in Wilton Manors
(Broward County)
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