Today I went to help my Mom with a speech she was giving at the library on Princess Diana and the Royal Family. I did the power point presentation and was in charge of changing the slides. There were 65 people there. Impressive number for a Saturday afternoon.

Then I come home to find out that a client hasn't received her custom artwork order that I sent out Tuesday. It was this artwork, and she should have gotten it by now. She is all the way in Washington State but still, it should have been there latest Friday. akkk! I am freaking out! To make matters worse today was the special day that she ordered it for as a gift for her husband and it's not there. I am so sad. And of course now it's all I can think about even though there is nothing I can do to make it better. It was insured USPS Priority mail and I handed it directly to the mailman. Now all I can do is hope it makes it there Monday. ugh!

To try to get my mind off the wayward package, Paul and I watched The Life David Gale. Nothing like a good death penalty movie to get your mind off trivial troubles! LOL! Good twist for the ending! I gave it 3 stars on my Netflix rating.


Oh you can't trust the US mail! How sad - that was such a beautiful piece.
oh mu gosh, i've been there too, it sucks when that happens. you feel so helpless. patrick makes these custom wedding cake toppers and i stress everytime that they will get there in time! but i'm sure your customer will understand and the good part is her husband wil have an extended birthday celebration come monday!! have a super sunday, claudine!!!
my heart goes out to you as I have been through this myself a few times! I have discovered that Washington State has the slowest mail system ever! My mom lives in Bellevus WA and it can take forever for things to arrive not to mention Priority does not mean 2 days there, it means maybe 3-4. So sorry you had a stressfilled weekend.
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