monday, monday
Monday has been and gone already! Today was one of those days that got eaten up by paper work and phone calls, with not enough time spent in the studio. Hate that! However, I did have a lovely long phone call with my friend Carmi and it was such a treat to catch up!! And I got a lot of the prep work done for the rest of the week so if all goes well, I should get a lot of studio time in from here on out.

In other good news my package was delivered! whew! I haven't heard from my client yet but the USPS web site says it was delivered and I am so relieved! Hooray! I would have hated for that artwork to be lost. That would have made me crazy!


Here's a little picture of Mabel asleep on my art desk. I love the way her back legs stick out and look like little turkey legs! Hee hee!!

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I have a cat that lays around like that. I always get a laugh when I see her.
tee~hee....luv this photo!

that is such a funny picture! Our 2 yo male sometimes lays in the "bear rug" position- front legs stretched out, back legs stretched out straight behind him!!
Ok I'm a lurker usually but I had to come out of hiding and tell you first I love your blog it's very inspiring and second, well, I WANT your cat! Or maybe I just want to be as relaxed as Mabel? Hmmmm? GREAT PHOTO!
I knnew it would all work out! I'm so glad and hope that you receive a lovely call or note telling you how much they love it!
"Turkey legs"! LOL
You need to sneak up on her with some of those frilly little white paper things they put on the ends of real turkey legs (in fancy restaurants).

Glad your package made it to its destination.
Hi Claudine
Luv the picture of Mabel, such a poser, makes you just want to squieeze those little paws, so cute.
How cute! I love those funny cat sleeping poses, but my two *always* wake up and run when they hear me turn the camera on.
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You should submit her to Your-Studio-Mascot!
Didn't you just want to tickle her tummy??? You should see a Golden Retriever do that! It's soooo funny!
I love this photograph- too funny!
So beautiful cat :)
That is just the cutest photo of a cat that I have ever seen!
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