long to-do list
My to-do list has gotten really long all of a sudden! It's one of those things where one day you have just enough work to keep you comfortably busy, then the next day you are really busy!

Right now I am working on illustrations for a 2009 calendar under the title of Crafty Girls, there will be images of ladies doing all things crafty! Yesterday and today I worked on a knitting piece between doing custom artwork orders. Almost have the kitting piece done. It gave me a really hard time. Yesterday I hated it and I wanted to throw it across the room, but today is a new day and things seem to be coming together.

I met with my friend Dawn this morning for a hot chocolate at Panera. Always a treat to chat with her! As we were leaving we noticed that someone had left their dog in their car with the windows shut. Leaving your dog in your car is against the law in Florida (not to mention cruel and dangerous), in the summer heat they can suffer heat stroke and die in as little as 10 minutes. So we got all up in arms about it. I had the manager at Panera quizzing everyone if it was their car and Dawn called the police, yay Dawn! About 5 minutes later a college guy comes out of Planet Smoothie with an ice cream cone. Well you can bet we yelled at him! I hope we shamed him into never doing that again. I was ready to take his dog away from him! grrr!

On my way home, I called Bernie to chat about what a stupid guy that kid was and how dangerous it was. Bernie sees way worse at her animal rescue every day, I was almost in tears over this little doggie and this wasn't anything like she sees on a daily basis.
I don't know how she does it!


good for you for tracking down the owner of that dog and giving him a piece of your mind!

and i don't know how bernie does it either. she amazes me.
Glad you took action to make sure that poor pup was ok. I am sure he was most appreciative!!!
Hi Claudine! You are so good! I miss you!
Kudos to you two for taking action! Poor dog :(
Your grandmother would be proud of you - she was a fighter as well.
Good for you and Dawn looking out for a helpless pooch:)
You're such a peach for looking out for that poor dog. Dogs need us to stand up for them. I admire Bernie too because as much as I want to save them all, I couldn't do what she does. At least I can give her money to help her do it!
Yayyyy for Claudine and Dawn!
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