i'm on DIY on thursday!
I just discovered they are replaying the Canvas Wall Book episode of Craft Lab that I filmed in 2005. This episode uses techniques from my second book, Collage Discovery Workshop: Beyond the Unexpected.

It will be on the DIY channel this Thursday, August 9th at 12noon EST. Set your Tivos!

There is still one more episode of Craft Lab that I filmed in 2006 that hasn't aired yet, so it's odd they are airing this one again instead of a new one. Maybe they are saving some new episodes for the Fall. hmmmm.....

PS. Also just noticed that my 3-D Collage Box episode that we filmed in 2005 re-airs August 15th @ noon EST as well!

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I'll set my DVR!
Congrats! Hopefully I'll catch it... my last week home before school starts!
yeah . . . I need a Claudine fix! Looking forward to both episodes.
xoxx, Renée
don't have diy, but i just got your 2nd book--excited to try some stuff out this weekend!
Yeah I love your episodes. I think they are holding second season for some odd reason. I'm waiting too.
I watched this episode, Claudine. I loved your demo, you did so natural and unpretentious.
Job well done-
Oh darn! I missed it. I need to check my schedule and see if it will be on again in a re-run. Do you know if it will be back on? I don't watch that channel very much, so I don't know how they do the episodes.
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