illustration friday: visitors
Here's my submission for Illustration Friday's theme of "visitors"

(click to enlarge)

Betty Sue always made cupcakes when she knew visitors would be stopping by

This is actually one of a few pieces I have been working on for a 2009 calendar titled Crafty Girls. This gal is all about cooking! I had a great time working on this one! fun fun fun! The last piece I worked on earlier this week gave me such a hard time, but this one came together quickly. Don't you love that when that happens? A rare but delicious treat!


yes, i love when that happens, it makes you want to prolong the experience! Sometimes I really don't want the project to end it's such a lovely feeling! I knew you would have something wonderful for this word and yep you sure do! Cupcakes sound real yummy to me right now! I might show up as an unexpected visitor...
She is the hostess with the mostest! Very nice work!
Nice- Your images give me a good lesson in visual clarity - which is always a little tough for me.
Amazing work! Taken from life.
nice choice of fabrics, all very cute.
She looks like a blissful domestic goddess! I love all the wonderful patterns. And yes... some pieces can give you such trouble and others seem to create themselves. I think there's still great satisfaction either way:>
What a homemaker that Betty Sue is! She even LOOKS good in the kitchen...really do love your choices of color and pattern. Another hit, Claudine! I knew you'd make me smile.
I love the look on her face - it is perfect! Like she is already counting up the number of visitors coming as she cooks away! Isn't it interesting how some pieces just "want" to come together?!?!
hi that a relative's photo? she is really pretty! smiles, andra
I love your illo! I really do!
This is going to be one great calendar! Love your Betty Sue!
People think I am crafty like Betty Sue. I'm not. I love the ladies who are though and wish they could teach me to sew.
this is fantastic!!
yep thats me baking if I know visitors are coming - love it!
Beautiful! Reminds me of Martha!

hi there!
Actually this lady is one of my face mash-ups I take photos of about 3 different ladies and combine them to create a new person. That way no copyright troubles AND I can make them have the expression I want. ahh love photoshop!
wow - three faces into one, I'm so impressed! I like this piece and the expression on her face says that there is no better use of time than making cupcakes for visitors. Oh, to be so happy to cook!
Thanks for your hint on my blog re: tabs for compose. That was the issue, and it is now fixed!
Nice mixture of mediums.. very funny piece of work.. brings a smile to the face.
You have a great work. Love retro style. Thanks for the visit and be sure I’ll come back here.
Can't wait to see the rest of the calendar, lovely!
Great work!
The perfect gift for a visitor....mmmm! Cupcakes!!!!
It's neat to hear about how you make a face with multiple images! Such an excellent idea! The calendar sounds really good -- what a neat project!

I also want to thank you for your positive comments on my IF:Visitors entry. It's an honor to hear such things from such an accomplished artist! Thanks so much!
Great work as always... ;)
Charming piece!
I love the simple drawing and your colour choice and patterns! It all works so well together!
Thanks for stopping by :)
very lovely drawing and her expression fits really nice! love your Mabel.
Wow, love that personal style, mixing old style pictures with very clean line drawings!! Wish I could be sooo clean!

Greetings from Spain!
Ah, she looks so content as she whips up her cupcakes! Wish I was that happy when I bake! Very sweet and I agree, it's so fun when everything just clicks & comes together with ease.
I love this! The colors work perfect together! :)
This one is especially lovely! I like the color balance, and the depth with the countertops. :)
You have an absolutelly beautiful style (i'm jelous)
And great take on the topic :)
Nice illustration. I thought the face was a nice pencil drawing. It is always cool to learn more about artists' craft. I like the realistic aspect juxapozed to the flat colors. Nice color combos by the way.
So cool! I love this. My daughter and I are baking her birthday cake tomorrow. I'll have to dig up some of my old aprons...
Warm and wonderful story moment!
Lovely illustration - must be expecting a bus load judging by the size of that bowl.
totally excellent!
Have you been watching Mad Men on AMC by chance?
Nice illo!
mm, very nice scene
oh man, now I want a cupcake.
OMG her expression couldn't be more perfect!! One of your best among many!
I love her smile and spotless kitchen ~ definitely not modeled on me!!
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