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It was an exciting weekend. Started off on Friday finding out that my new book proposal got accepted (yay! super yay!)

Paul got accepted into Harvard Extension School for a distance learning program (yay! Paul!!)

I found a set of teal luggage at Bed Bath and Beyond. My old teal luggage died (darn zippers are always the first part of the luggage to get ruined). I was excited to find a new set, now I just have to polka dot it with acrylic paint and it will look perfect!

Watched How to Draw a Bunny thanks to Netflix. Man that Ray Johnson was an oddball. I loved watching Christo and Rosenquist try to describe him. Very interesting. Do you think dropping footlong hot dogs from a helicopter is art???.... hmmmm. Brings back the days of art school.

Also this weekend, we found a new Thai restaurant near us and had Thai Doughnuts for dessert. Yum, yum yum! Then we saw the new Harry Potter movie, now I'm all revved up for the new book coming this Saturday! Can't wait!


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Congratulations on your book Claudine!!! I can't wait 'til it comes out!!

Congratulations on your book proposal being accepted! I'll look forward to when you can tell us more, down the road. It sounds like a great weekend all around!
Great news on the book!! What a great way to erase summer "blahs!" And certainly Martha will want to know about this...Congratulations!
what a full weekend! congrats on the new book--really excited to hear more about it and to see some more of your amazing work!

congrats to paul, as well! if you ever have reason to come up to boston during the course of his program, let me know--i can't point you in the direction of some great thai food! :)
Wow, so awesome! What an exciting weekend! I'm so glad your book deal went through, it must be a relief.
Congratulations on your book!!! Good for you! And congrats to Paul. I LOVED How to Draw a Bunny. It was so interesting; especially the end of the movie. I don't normally identify with that kind of art; but he moved me and it made me cry for some reason.
That's faaabulous! Congrats!
I love the movie How to Draw a Bunny. My favorite thing in the world is to surprise friends with random and odd items in the mail!
Congratulations to both of you! How exciting a new book! Yay - Paul as well!!
a week late here, but congratulations on another book! great news for everyone! xoC
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