last day!
Today is the last day of our trip and I am finally healthy. No more sicky for me. At least I don't have to fly home sick!

We have had a busy couple of days. On Sunday we did an ancient Rome tour with Context Rome, our wonderful guide was an archeologist and she had acutally dug in some of the ruins that were on our tour! We walked and walked and walked all over the city. My legs are so tired from all the walking.

Yesterday we did another tour with Context Rome following Caravaggio's works around the city. Another amazing guide and we learned so much!

We also got to see Tore Argentina, which is an ancient ruin site (also the site where Julius Ceaser was killed) and now houses hundreds of stray cats that are fed and cared for all from private donations. I thought I might get all upset at seeing the kitties, but the ones we saw looked fat and happy lounging and washing themselves in the sun amongst the ruins.

On our outing today we walked by Piazza de Republica and noticed they are setting up for the premier of Spiderman 3. Big scaffolds with lights and a red carpet rolled out. I wish we could have spied Tobey Maguire, but I bet he's hiding away in his fancy hotel until tonight!

Just got done with a big email clean up, I had hundreds of emails even just from a couple days of not checking. yipes! I was crestfallen to see I missed out on a job from Penguin books. I could have done illustration work for them for a children's book (my dream!!) but since I was gone I missed out on it -- it would have been due while I was still here - darn it! Illustration jobs don't usually have very long deadlines (at least in my experience) so if you are out of town or away you can miss out on jobs, I hate that part.

Now we're off here in a little bit to leave Rome tonight to stay at the airport hotel. We have an early morning flight and I spazz out about getting to the airport so I want to be there so I don't worry.

I can't wait to get home and see the cats and Toby!!! yay!!

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Have a safe flight Claudine! You trip has sounded amazing. Truly amazing!
That's too bad about the Penguin thing, jeeze they don't give much time do they?
Your trip sounds so great! What a good idea to take a tour so specialized! I always think of bus loads of people milling about and waiting forever to make sure everyone is onboard- but this small tour business sounds perfect! Thats too bad about the childrens book, your images would make lovely arty books. Jeremiah and i have been working for ages on a kids book (his plump creatures,my words) and I am beginning to wonder if its ever going to happen! You should try submitting a proposal to candlewick press, they publish lots of artist kids books. I think your work would interest them. Hope you have a safe trip home!
So sorry that you missed the Penguin deadline. That's sad news. I'm positive, though, that you'll get another chance to illustrate a children's book. Your work is perfect for it!
Hi Claudine -- I've been following your trip and wish I was there! Sorry you've been sickie and sorry about the lsot book deal...just means something else even better will come your way... Also, when I was in Rome a gazillion years ago (yes, along time ago...), the kitties were NOT being cared for and I cried all day! So glad to read that that's changed... Sara White
The Mummy Report

Mummy Report

I think Toby knows that today will be a BIG day in his little life. He woke me around 6 a.m. and was eager to chatter and play. We walked about a block - which in Toby time can take a good 40 minutes because he likes to stop and stare. My husband has started packing his suitcase and getting all his toys (which he refused to play with while staying at our house), his medicines, his special dog food, grooming tools, a car seat and a bed (those are just off the top of my head). I'm hoping I can break the 12-hour day cycle at work and be home to see the grand reunion. I bet he jumps his tiny legs off. Must watch to see which way he wags his tail.. a new report says you can tell if your dog loves you by the way he wags his tail.

Enjoyed being a guest reporter.
Glad you're feeling better!
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