in rome!
Last night we said good-bye to everyone. I was so sad that the workshop was over, we all bonded so much, it was like the end of summer camp leaving everyone. We don't kow when I'll back to teach a workshop in Cortona, so it was extra sad good-bye to that cute little town!

Now we're in Rome to vacation for a couple days, then home on Wednesday! It's hard to find Internet here because our hotel doesn't have a computer we can use. So I'll try to do at least one more post before we leave.

We're looking forward to taking it easy here in Rome, no more rushing around. I have to say even though I loved teaching the workshop in Cortona and it was an amazing experience, I am totally exhausted. I slept for 4 hours as soon as we got to our hotel here. Only just got up for a quick peek at the Pantheon and then now we're off to dinner and an early night.

The food here has been amazing, epsiecally since I am more of a pastatarian than a vegetarian! I never thought I'd say this but I am getting tired of pasta. I am craving Thai food like you would not believe. I think when we get home it's going to be Thai, Japanese, and Vietnamese every night for a few days!

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We look forward to seeing your pics when you get home:-)

p.s. Martha had another lame craft this week, making your own leather belt, as if, just not worth the effort!
Enjoy Rome, I was there a few weeks ago and loved it!
I heard a rumor that the best gelato on the planet can be found two blocks away from the Coliseum.
Have a great trip home Claudine! It is so inspiring to read about your workshops, maybe next year I will be able to join one.
Soak the food up. Who knows when you'll be back!


Hope your feeling better these last days in Rome. And thanks for sharing these great sites. Hope to go there this summer. Hot I know but that's the way it go's with schoolholidays,

thanks the inspiration,Liezbeth
Mummy report

Had a long chat with Paul and Claudine yesterday. They are trying to use up the time on their phone card. It was such fun. They were so full of enthusiasm for all they are seeing in Rome. They invested in taking custom tours - no more than 6 people - and it really seems to have paid off in depth of information. Today is a tour devoted to Caravaggio (sp?). I was happy to report that Toby is an angel, sleeping through the night and as good as gold. Later we popped in to see the cats and they were so glad to have some extra pets. I bet they are counting the minutes until Wednesday night.
hey, Claudine...nominated you today for the thinking blog award...probably not your first, but just wanted you to know. :)
You have to drink an italian hot chocolate for me! Im dying for one! Have fun learning about Caravagio!
I can't imagine how bonded you all feel after this class. Enjoy the rest of your trip! Be Safe.
Mummy Report

Claudine and Paul fly home tomorrow and we can't wait to see them. Seems forever since they left. Toby has really settled in now and sleeps throughout the night beside my bed. One night I even sneaked him on the bed. I've had to hand feed him the whole time but he looks fit and his eyes are clear -- my husband has been the eye-drops deliverer. We have a system. We put them in as he waits by the door to go on a walk. I hope to get home from work early tomorrow night so I can be there to see Toby go into orbit at first sight of Claudine. DHL picked up boxes of art materials and work Claudine had prepared to ship to Art & Soul - that was a relief. We worried that something would go wrong and her materials and art wouldn't arrive in Virginia on time.
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