illustration friday: remember
Here's my submission for Illustration Friday's theme of "remember"

(click image to enlarge)
This is an image I created for my new card line with The Greeting Place. I thought it would fit the IF theme because these ladies look like they are having a fun time remembering bad dates and good gossip!


sweet! i like their facial expressions - totally catches the topic.

i'm a big fan of your work and marketing efforts, claudine - hopefully one day i can come to a workshop by you ;-)

greetings, and thanks for your commment on my blog too

Nice work, as always! Thanks for you comment on my blog. I have two of your books now, and they are both really terrific. There is still so much more to try! Especially the suggestion about just creating fun backgrounds and then seeing what happens. That's the opposite of how I think, but I like it a lot!!!

I don't know if you read what I wrote, but I gave you credit for the great textures!
Love these, can't wait for the cards to come to our area
I was thinking they remind me of my grandma and my aunt mim giggling together like a couple of teenagers. Then I noticed the comment before mine was from auntie mim. :)
Anyway it's really sweet and the colors are perfect...again!
Charming!! beautiful storytelling too!!
I really love the expressions on their faces, really great. Totally reminds me of lunch with my oldest friend last week!
I think your cards are going to be a hit, great choice for the illo:)
hey girl! love the expression on the chick on the left--it's priceless!
Very Cute!
mmm... Two friends remembering with wine... I identify with that situation, hehe. I love this one!
oh, i love this... great textures, design, color... and a great story too!
The lady on the right looks just like my grandma. I love coming back each week to see what you have cooked up.
Great illustration! Just love your art and concept!
As always, this is great! I love the expressions on their faces.
Great take!
how romantic!
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