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I have had a reoccurring dream for years. In this dream I am in my home, whatever home I am living in at the time, and all of a sudden I notice a new door that I had never seen before. I go through the door and I find an amazing and wonderful space. A space so huge and incredible. A perfect studio with sinks and natural light and tons of square footage. Always in this dream I think "how did I forget this was here? How could I forget that such a perfect space was here!?"

I usually wake up at this point, all exited fresh from my dream thinking of this new found space that was there all along, and then I wake up fully and am disappointed to realize it was just a dream. I can't even remember how many times I have had this same dream.

I am sure it means something very deep symbolically or maybe it just means I really want a nice big studio!

The other night I had a house dream but this time with a twist. This time we were moving to a new house but the new house turned out to be much smaller than I had thought when buying it. And upon arriving at the new house I realize there is no place for me to have my special studio -- all the space is already taken and that there are belongings that are not mine there, a grand piano, antique furniture. I remember saying in the dream "how did this happen!!"

This time I was relieved to wake up and find my house just the size it is!

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Hi Claudine,
I'm a long-time follower of your website and blog. When I read about your house dream, I just had to comment. I've been fascinated by dreams forever, and got a BA lo these many years ago -30 this Spring!) in Psychology. Although I work in a much different field these day -Graphic Arts- I've kept up an avid interest and reading in dreams, and am giving a workshop this month to our Support Staff Conference on sleep and dreaming. Entitled, of course -- To Sleep, Perchance to Dream.
Many of my dreams revolve around houses and apartments that are many times repetitive - I'll go back to the same houses or structures in many different dreams. I've gotten a lot of understanding from looking at the house as a symbol of myself. If I'm feeling vulnerable, the house or apartment doesn't have solid doors, or is open to strangers. One of my favorite recurring dreams has been one in which I'm in my old childhood bedroom - a converted attic room with tiny doors to eves that connected to the next attic in the duplex. The door would open and I would see this marvelous art gallery with fantastical art work hung upon the walls.
Attic might be synonymous with imagination, "higher" levels of consciousness, maybe even Jung's Collective Unconscious - Woo hoo! A basement would be connected to more earthly concerns - physical - sexual. I find it great fun to consider what it all means on a highly personal level. And of course, it's great fodder for art inspiration. And you Claudine have been a great art inspiration to me. I'm arriving at my true passion late in life, but arriving nonetheless.
Your passion fuels mine. Thank you so much.
Pat M.
I would attribute part of the basis for the dreams to the fact that when you were small we always seemed to be moving. We went from a big house among the woods in Orlando to a house in a golf course community then to a dilapidated 1926 house in Chappaqua, N. Y. No sooner did we get that house remodelled than we moved to a suburban Kansas City house. The next move was back to Orlando and my favorite house on a golf course. Wonder how all those houses fit into your dreams...

thank you so much for sharing your dreams!! I am glad to see I am not the only on who dreams about houses. I think sometimes the other hidden room might be a symbol of some part of myself that I am not using but is always there....a hidden treasure that is not hidden at all if you open the right door. Sort of a symbol of creativity. Not sure what the smaller house dream is about, maybe I am feeling restricted in my creativity lately.

i do think the big room (perfect studio) represents the future, potential, and creativity. i also think both dreams represent being true to yourself. being unafraid to create what you want to create. to not feel confined.
but on a more superficial level i think both dreams are a sort of filing system for your entrepreneurial spirit. you are always cutting edge on how to market your work and grow your business. i think it means your mind is fully engaged in what you do and make. ???
i'm no doctor, but i AM a dreamer. if it reoccurs or rests heavy it usually has meaning.
Well, whatever it means, your artistic interpetation is WONDERFUL! I love the great image, drawings, and all the beautiful blues.
hee...this cracks me up. i am a huge dreamer - always vivid [and
why wouldn't this artist have vivid dreams!?] i cracked up when you mentioned more space, natural
lighting, etc. wouldn't that be nice. my dreams are usually of
me ending a sememster of college only to realize that i have neglected to attend a class for the whole semester and i have an incomplete going into the finals.
that or i have somehow left the dorm without a shirt on.....what is that one all about?!

happy tuesday!
Thanks for you work, is very good, and have a good week
I have THAT SAME DREAM about twice a year.

St. Teresa of Avila said that exploring the soul is like entering a castle with many mansions, each with many rooms. Perhaps you are exploring your soul....seeing the many rooms within you! In which case, you already have that great studio, within you. No wonder you create such beauty.
The second dream you had about the too small house sounds quite funny and familiar. I had recurring dreams about me and my boyfriend moving into places that were absolutely horrible, but we weren't aware of it before, it always turns out bad on the day we move in! Strange.
Maybe I'll check dreammoods' interpretation later.
interesting dream! Wonderful illustration to go with the story too:)
Claudine, I had a dream that you left a comment on my blog and won my first ever CONTEST ;-)

Come on over and play! And bring your friends!

(remember I won YOUR contest!)

I have this recurring dream, too! Weird! But, in mine, I am in my grandparents big ol' home and dicover a stairway that leads to another floor - a 3rd floor - where I can explore an interesting space I never knew existed. My grandparents have been gone for 15 and 13 years so I have not been in that house for a very long time.

I'm always fascinated by my vivid dreams. Do you have others that you dream about over and over?
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