workshop day one
The first day of the workshop here in Bonita Springs went really well! I did manage to take pictures but then I realized I forgot my camera cable so they are trapped in the camera for now.

Mom and I went to dinner at another Thai restaurant tonight. Last night we ate at Thai Star (very good!) Tonight we went to Sushi Thai in Naples, also super yummy! Can you tell I like Thai food!? At Sushi Thai we had these "Thai doughnuts" for dessert. So incredible!

I haven't been able to find a good Thai restaurant in Orlando, so whenever I am out of town I go on a Thai binge.

Tomorrow we'll go to Italian or something, a group of us from the workshop will all meet up for dinner, so I'll try to break my Thai marathon and eat somewhere else. Sigh. I would like to have those Thai doughnuts again. But I'll have to wait until next year!

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I could eat Thai every night of the week!!
I'm with ya on the Thai. I'm still looking for a really great Thai place here in AZ. So whenever I go to Cal, I HAVE to eat Thai. Hubby and I went to SF last August and there was such a great place within walking distance of our hotel...dirt cheap and super yummy, always busy...We ate there as much as we could! A friend of mine from college lives in Long Beach, so whenever I go over there, it's Thai for dinner...she knows the drill!
Have you been to the Thai House on Colonial? Now it has been 10 years since I was in O town, but I sure do miss that restaurant and Little Saigon for Vietnamese food. Seems Asheville has great views, but not an abundance of ethnic cuisine.
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