where did the day go?
Wow today flew by! I spent most of it finishing up commission orders so they could be sent out tomorrow to make it to their new owners in time for Valentine's Day. Then I spent 2 1/2 hours packing everything up! Yipes! The thing that took the longest were these metal sitting figures that I have made for a show in Tampa. Here's a photo!

Aren't they cute!? Well it took me a full hour to pack them. I could not find a box the right size so they wouldn't get squished. I would open a new box thinking it was the right size then place them in and find out it was too small.

You'd think being an artist I would have a good concept of spatial relationships. Well I don't. I can never tell what size box I will need until I get the
box all set up and then place the item in there.

Meanwhile I must have gone through 10 boxes finding the right one. It was a nightmare. I could have driven to Tampa in the time it took to get them all packed. Oh well they are ready to go now.

Now I am worn out.

But good news! We got yard of the Month this month for our neighborhood. Boy are we proud!!

And sweet Leigh painted a lovely portrait of Toby and posted it on her blog. Thanks sweetie!!

EDITED: Thanks for all the nice comments on the sitting ladies! They are featured in my new beeswax DVD which will be coming out SOON! Directions on how to make them will be in there. I'll keep you posted when the DVD comes out :) I'm also considering selling them from my web site or maybe opening an Etsy store. hmmm!

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Hey Claudine, how about showing us a picture of that winning yard! jood
Ok! I'll take pics tomorrow!
Thanks for letting me know what book it was. Now I remember. That gorgeous book with the deep red cover. On my list for tomorrow. thx Claudine.
Hi Claudine...those sitting pretty ladies are the cutest!
Loved your sitting ladies! Are the directions to making these any where in your books or on your site? I'd love to try it!
I think these are my favorite out of all you have done so far! I would love to sit on my grandma's lap one more time.
Oh my gosh, those metal ladies are the cutest things I've ever seen! Totally want one!! I'm sure they will be a hit at the Tampa show.
I want the entire row of them to sit just like that in a perfect rainbow of color. I would go out and buy a new shelf just to install on my wall so they could sit there. I swear to God, Claudine, those adorable colorful ladies are so amazingly inspiring! I want to go play in the studio and be a kid again just from looking at them!!! Seriously, are those going to be marketed and if so, when? I want the whole set.

thank you! I was thinking of selling them from my web site! I wanted to see how they would do at the show first. Also was thinking of making them where people could send me their heads and they could be a sitting person!

Love the commission.
They will be mine. Oh, yes. They will be mine.
Oh they are SO LOVELY!!! DO DO DO open and ETSY shop!!! Can't wait for the DVD!!!
I love them and all the patterned skirts!
These sitting old school ladies wearing the cutest brightest skirt is a lovely/bright idea. Great thinking and very sweet!
Too cute - what is the show in Tampa?
The show in Tampa is a private show that an art dealer puts on in her home once a year. She asked me to be a part of the show this year and I am so excited. All of her clients come to show so it's really great exposure. yay!!
These are cool!
I'm a fan of yours from ME Home Companion magazine and just found your it and will be back! I really, really like the ladies and their colorful skirts. I'll keep and eye out for you on etsy!
Oh, those ladies are just too darling. Are they wallflowers at a dance? Sitting waiting for someone to comment first on the group of snooty ladies across from them? Hmmmm, what else could they be doing?
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