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Here's a sneak peek of some of new Poppet® Scrapbooking papers that debuted at CHA. I just love these! We have scenes for beauty parlor, golfing, living room, crafting room, coffee shop, and party! They are not up on the LazarStudioWERX web site yet but will be soon. Interested in wholesale info? Click here!

Today my friend Martha and I went to the Orlando Gift Show. I had never been to a gift show before and since I have been toying with the idea of selling at one I thought I would check it out.

Well was I ever disappointed!! I have never seen so many tacky and cheap nasty items together in one place. Everything from shell wind chimes to plastic figurines. Maybe I got the wrong idea but I thought these gift shows were more for handmade items and not manufactured things that would sell in tacky tourist traps. Am I getting the wrong impression? Is the New York gift show totally different or the Atlanta one? Or are they all the same? I know this was a small show, so maybe that's the difference? If anyone has info I would appreciate it!

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Love the papers Claudine, can't wait to get my hands on them!
Hi Claudine! I'll have to get your new book, 'cause I absolutely adored the first! Love the papers,
Take Care,
:) Abbie
Claudine, these papers are fabulous, and I SO enjoyed your play-by-play at CHA with the Martha!!! I was on the edge of my seat!! Your painting collage for MS was LOVELY!!! I hope (and I KNOW) that she LOVES it.. How could she not?!?!?!? :) Lucky chick. :)

Thank you for letting me know you'd already been tagged - no need to do it all over again (it was hard enough the first time! ;) I thought so, anyway - not that I am not weird enough to share weird things, but HOW to pick which weird things to share? LOL ) I will peek around your blog to see your responses!!

Take care
Hi Claudine,
The new papers are so lively and colorful, they're great! I also wanted to say I loved your Martha Stewart collage, she's a lucky gal to have one of your pieces!
Hi Claudine
That new set of work is very cool, I love your new ideas! Great great new concept =)
Love the papers! And yes, I know the Atlanta gift show is much different and better and assume that NY is the same. Much higher end items.
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Hi Claudine,
It was so fun to meet you in person at CHA, I was the CrAzy Dane that came in singing Happy half Birthday...
I have a cute picture of us on my blog.
I told Christina I can't wait to get the New poppets stamps, and the papers, WOW, I was surprized how rich they were in colour when I saw them.
Just dEliSH. Can't wait to play with them.
You make me smile :)
And of course Helle was singing to me, cuz it was our half birthday that day!
Thanks for sharing so many belly laughs with me, and I really enjoyed the carnival atmosphere in the booth!
Still so many things to giggle about! I will be making my page soon, can't wait to see yours and Christina's!
Glad the storm missed you.
Oh so totally could use your new papers the fit so well withme! Any idea when they will be up at LazarStudioWERX? Not meny people stock them in Oz.
I hear what you're saying about the gift show. My husband's grandmother is a very talented crafter who attends many shows to show her folkart dolls and other decorative items. She is often disappointed with some of "the competition" which is cheap junk imported from overseas. : (
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Hi Claudine,
I love checking out your blog every day! I thought it would be fun to post the artwork I have been creating on a blog also. Thank you for all the inspiration you provide! Please take a tour through COCOVILLE at your convenience!
The papers are incredible. I love them!
Hi Claudine,
The NYC gift show rocks. You would do well to go see it first, but I think that you would love it.
Hi Claudine,
I had a friend who took me to two gift shows in Orlando. One was pretty good. Really big show with large variety of good, very good and some really bad stuff. The smaller one was mostly imported junk. She said the Atlanta & New York shows were awesome.
BTW...I spoke to Dale Doroshow yesterday. She said to say hello. I'm going to France for her workshop in July! Hooray!
Karen in Kissimmee
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