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My good friend Lesley Riley's new book is out! Yay! And I have a little piece of art in it too.
Here's the cover of her new book:

(click the cover to go to

And the piece of art I made that is on page 45! I had so much fun working on this piece for her. That's a photo of my mom, combined with fabric, paper and rudimentary embroidery. Yet another reminder that I want to play with fabric and sewing more. Now where to find the time!

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You did a perfect job of alighing the body with the head! The bird is so wonderful, and I love the houses in the background and the flowers in the front and the pattern on her dress. They whole thing really works! Congrats on getting in the book!
Speaking of your work, I just got your postcard in the mail today, and it's adorable!
Nice work!!
Thanks for visiting my blog.

your art is so funny and cool, as a fresh air of spring into my hair by the sea!

do you allow me to add your addy to my blog links, please!

you rock so loud!

Merci beaucoup!!!

Have a great weekend!!!

{ThE fReNcH tOuCh}
Hi Claudine! You can really tell when your heart is in something you create. This is a stunning piece of your Mom--I really am impressed by it. xoxo, Tonia
Hi Claudine:

I love the face on this one - the way it is turned, sublime. You've been tagged if you have time :-)
This piece is FANTASTIC!!! I love the great photo and the way your Mom is looking at the bird. All the pretty tones and images in the background are so lovely!!! You always get it just right!!!
Check out your photo! Nice
I love that bird. They've got a real rapport!
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