illustration friday: sprout
Here's my submission for Illustration Friday's theme of "sprout"

(click image to enlarge)

When I first read the theme I thought immediately of Brussels Sprouts and how much I HATE them. So I decided to reverse that and do an illo of me as a little girl (I used an actual photo of me at age 2 or 3) enjoying Brussels Sprouts! My mom should get a big kick out of this one. I still do not like to eat my veggies and I am a Vegetarian! Go figure!

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Very cute and very funny. You do look like your really enjoying them. I have to confess I love brussel sprouts with turkey bacon (which you wouldn't eat as well).
My father always said, as I was growing up hating certain foods, "You'll like mushrooms when you are 30, and brussels sprouts when you are 34." He was spot on. You're what... 20 something? You'll get around to appreciating the deliciousness that is the brussels sprout, with butter and salt and pepper. =)
ooh very cute claudine! if you get the REALLY tiny ones, they can be delish!
Adorable...and convincing! Perhaps there is an eager puppy waiting under the table? ;) Great expression!

(I've always loved brussel's okra I can't handle.)
your illo is great, Claudine! and the video too!
Claudine, I would have been the happiest mother alive if I had ever managed to get you to eat one, tiny brussels sprout

I wish I was 24! LOL! Thank you sweetie for saying that!

I am 32. So two more years until I like Brussel Sprouts? I'll let you know!
Forgot to mention last week that I really enjoyed your video on your blog! It was so fun.

This illustration cracks me up! She is so happy eating those yucky brussels spouts. The only time I ever enjoyed brussel sprouts was at my Aunt Callies house when I was a kid. . .and they were smothered in chees sauce. . .which I think made them seem yummy!

Love the pattern on her dress and the flower in her hair! She such a cute little girl.
This is so charming, your work always reminds me of when I was a little girl when life was so wholesome and swell! Love this and congratulations on giving Martha Stewart your art!!!
cute cute cute - my favorite so far
Brussels sprouts with butter, tamari and lots of pepper...yummy! But it looks like little Claudine may have discovered that recipe already by the look of enjoyment on her face! A-dorable!
Haha! So cute! (Also, am leaving my blog link :)
baked brussel sprouts are much tastier then steamed or boiled!
how cute were you?!?
i love this!
This is great. Why is it that brussels sprouts bring out the worst in some of us, and that there are actually people who LIKE them. I loved your video, Claudine....
This is very good! Maybe it will help you get over your indifference to vegetables.
This is so perfect and so funny! Brussels sprouts are something that people either hate or love, although I've rarely heard of a child loving them. I love that you used an actual picture of yourself... you look as happy as if you were eating a bowl of ice cream! Great work. I'm curious what you do eat eat, if you don't eat vegetables... I'm as a vegetarian, and I'd be lost without my veggies! Maybe you need to make a big version of this piece and hang it in your kitchen!
very very nice, Claudine - so delicate and warm at the same time.

now, you know that you have been tagged?
go here please:

have a nice weekend!
such a sweet illo Claudine and i'm with you, brussels sprouts - blecck!!
Well as another vegetarian who isn't wild about veggies you know I was thrilled you feel the same! Also, being well past 34, I'd say
don't hold out too much hope for
developing a taste for brussel sprouts - it still hasn't happened for me! It took gooey casserole for me to learn to like broccoli!!

However it makes a fun illustration and it is is always great to hear from your Mum!
I'm 35 and I still can't stand them.
so cute:)great style!
You have such awesome ideas, Claudine...I really love this one! Great great work!
Love it Claudine and I love Brussel Sprouts esp the English way - very mushy with lots of butter...
I do not believe you are 2 or 3 in that photo with all those teeth...check again and let us know!!
Pam (from Mpls.)
ABSOLUTE WORST VEGGIE ON THE PLANET...I make my kids eat a lot of things...but never ever ever brussel eating a giant mushy baby aspirin from back in the day...ughh
Haha, there's one happy girl eating her brussels! :) Like your style.
lol very funny entry, Claudine, and u look beautiful eating ur beggies ;)
Honestly- does ANYONE love Brussels Sprouts? Now artichokes- yum!
I LOVE this - and I love sprouts too!! Delish! Love her dress and matching flower!!

Claudine - I Tag Thee!!
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2007/02/ive-been-tagged.html) to read about the Tagging question..

Take care,
that is so cute. my hubby chris puts brussels sprouts in his speghetti and calls them "natures little meatballs", gross.
Ohhh this is fun!!
she looks so happy to be eating them - Im like that! love my sprouts!
She actually eats those? I've always hated these veggies ;-) Cool illo!
I am just not sure I could ever be that happy eating brussel sprouts.

Although, the image does make me happy!
Pam I checked with my mom and she said I was about 3 1/2 in that photo!
Brussel sprouts are terrific, and so is your illustration! Garlic makes everything better!
Too too cute!!
This is fantastic! Sure are pretending to like those sprouts with that big the missing tooth, too.
oh this is a cutie, claudine.
fabulous illustration; she looks so cheery about eating them!
I couldn't think of an idea for this IF that got me excited, so I never made one, but I LOVE your take on it! The flower in your hair adds so much to it too. I didn't know you're a vegetarian! So am I!
nicely done
Ah ha! As I always suspected, you can go back and change things!

I hated brussels sprouts too, but I like them now. They need a frost, it takes away the bitterness and sweetens them.
Great image! She looks so happy to be eating those awful things!
cute! lovely dress, too. as for brussels sprouts, they were one of my three most hated dishes at the kindergarten (together with spinach and fried eggs). Now, lets say, I don't mind them so much ;)
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