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On Etsy stores can you sell reproductions or does everything have to be handmade? I think I read somewhere on the site that it all has to be handmade but I see people selling repros. So maybe it's OK? Anyone know? Thanks for your help!

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I could have sworm I saw some artists selling prints of their originals, like limited edition prints that they signed and numbered. You can do a search under "print" and see what comes up, then maybe email the artist. "ascenderrisesabove" sells prints of her originals. Maybe she can shed some light on it?
Good question!

"Selling Policies
What items can I sell on Etsy?
You can sell anything that is handmade or, a bit more loosely put, hand-assembled or hand-altered. For example, screen-printed shirts are OK. A custom-built computer is OK, as long as you're making the case and not buying prefab. Furniture is OK as long as it's nothing mass-produced (yes, you can use power tools to build it). If human hands put some love into the object, odds are you can sell it on Etsy. Please note: we do allow some non-handmade items in the Supplies & Vintage categories.

What items can't I sell on Etsy?
Anything that is mass-produced or a knock-off. Yes, some of that stuff may be made by hand, but it's not made in the right spirit. Such items will be unlisted by Etsy admins and listed fees refunded.

TIP: check out the Terms of Use (TOU) for detailed rules."

Perhaps this might help?
Also- the ETSY Forums is helpful too.



I do see some people selling prints that they make on their computer, that could considered be mass produced. maybe Etsy doesn't notice them?

anyway thanks! this clears it up a little bit! LOL!
Yes- I too- see a lot of people do this.

I think it is a Great way to be able to buy art from artists I really like!

With my drawings, I have a set number of prints that I make and run using an archival pigmented ink printer. I set a limited run for ETSY- and sign and number them. Once they are sold, I no longer sell them on there again. I think this way they become more valued and limited.

Now if I could only find more time to draw!

You should try it out!
i'm pretty sure misty mawn sells prints of her work. you could check with her?

i would LOVE to be able to get some of your cards there!
You can sell prints, for example She has sold thousands of prints and has been a featured seller.

I hope you get an etsy store!
You can definitely sell digital prints/reproductions! As long as they are prints of your work its not a problem.

Go ahead! Open a store!
Claudine... it's totally okay!

As Annie said above, theblackapple sells tons of prints of her own paintings and is etsy's top seller... they're happy to have her (and all of us...) sell there.

I sell prints there, as well as originals and fabric creations...
I think it is ok, especially since the reproductions are of your own works of art. Etsy says items should be handmade, but I have seen people selling old copies of other people's instruction books there. I don't understand that one, but I think your reproductions aren't going to be a problem. Good Luck!
i m sure its okay too! as long as its ur original works and better be signed and numbered for limited edition :D
Are you thinking of getting an Etsy store? I am tossing and turning ove it too.
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