do not disturb
Caught this quick photo of Mabel sleeping in our dining room. She loves to sleep on her back and I think it's the funniest thing!

And then here's another of her later in her favorite chair.


Hi Claudine- wondering which book of yours shows how to create a background technique using paers, glues etc.. "peeling Paper" Background. I found it once an has now disappeared into the abyss. Thank you!!
oops- Im at
Hi Claudine! You have been very inspirational to me over the past couple of years. If it weren't for your book, I never would have discovered beeswax!

Found my way over through Bernie Berlin's site.

Nice to meet you.
Priceless pictures! And OMG, I'm sure Mabel is on a diet but I think she has a secret stash! Oh, and LOVE that she has those dark gray paw pads! They are usually pink so how cute is that?! That white strip down the bridge of her nose is pretty cute too. She looks like a cuddle bug. How much does this cat weigh anyway? Well, no one could ever say you don't take care of your pets! Mabel is beautiful and I think it's time for update pictures of Stan and Toby too.
my dog sleeps on his back all the time, but I've never seen a cat do this. It's absolutely adorable!!!!
It is a trusting cat that lays so exposed! smiles, andra
Soooo sweet!!
How long can she stay that way without Stanley tormenting her:)
Angie -- Mabel is about 14lbs, last we checked. She once was 18!! A far cry from the 3 lb cat I found with every rib showing. She is on a diet but it is so hard, she really puts on a show and acts like she is starving. Paul and i have to write down on a tally who fed her and when because she will drama queen us into feeding her more! LOL!
Kelly -- hi there! My 1st Book, COllage Discovery (with the Eiffel tower on the cover) shows the peeling paper. One of my fav techniques!
That is the cutest thing I have seen in a while.
ps-love the new greeting card line!
Yes, clearly she is starving. LOL!

A friend of mine rescued a dog that was skin and bones. Once it moved in with her, it ate everything in site. Now, several years later, she still has to keep it on a special diet. Something about its earliest memories being of hunger keeps it always in feast or famine mode.
What a sweet kitty! I found my cat, Ollie, all stretched out sleeping on his back in the sun was SO cute. I totally should've grabbed my camera too!
How cute....Mabel certainly looks as though she enjoys being photographed!
Mabel sleeping on her back is the best! I would be laughing everytime I saw her like that. Happy Mabel:)
OMG that is just TOO STINKIN CUTE!!!
bwahahah mabel is is so unaffected.
I love how she lounges. She is cute.
I love her expression in the second one. She looks smart.
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