contest winners!
I printed all 120+ posts for the contest, then cut them all up and Paul helped me draw out of a hat. Here are the winners!

Jayna won a copy of my 2nd book!
Lana R won a set of Poppet® Kitty stamps from Lazar StudioWerx!

I will email you both and send out your prizes right away-- Jayna I don't have your email, can you please send it to me?

A heartfelt thanks to everyone who played, what you wrote meant so much to me. Next time I am feeling out of sorts or that my artwork is crappy, I will be reading all your comments. Really, I will be! I appreciate it!

It was also a lot of fun to do a contest! I think I'll do another one soon :)


Claudine, there's no such thing as crappy art when the person is creating sincerely from within. Last night I watched a new Netflix favorite, "Sketches of Frank Gehry", a documentary about the architect and how he faces his own insecurities and fears each day and boldly thinks outside the box. It was amazing and a real slap in the face. It reminded me that I have to be true to my inner artist and let her create what she was meant to paint, regardless of whether or not it fits into a recognizable mold. If you haven't seen it already, you should rent it. I think it would be very helpful for you. :o)
hoping the tornado and storms skipped over you and your part of FL...stay safe! xoC
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