I'm back from CHA!
It was such an amazing time! I got to see so many friends, Bernie, Michael, Carmi, Donna, Christina & Terry, Traci, Kathy, Jennifer, Karen & Linda, Christine, Patricia and so many more!

If I am leaving anyone out I am sorry, it's late and I have been traveling all day. Of course giving the artwork to Martha Stewart is one of the BIG highlights!

Thank you to everyone who stopped by to keep me company when I was demoing. I love seeing everyone and I also hate it when I am demoing and no one wants to watch the demo. Mucho appreciated.

I did get to meet in person about 6 different commission clients. It became quite comical because I would recognize the them because I had spent so much time working with their photos. Such fun to get to meet and spend time the people who I created artwork for.
I didn't take many photos because it tends to make the exhibitors nervous, but I did get this one of Bernie and I at the Ranger Ink booth, just before my demo on Sunday morning.

I scoped out the Marriott for next CHA winter, I do not want to stay at that Hilton again, it was yucky and worn plus they never did vacuum the tape off the carpet!!

OK I am off to bed, it's been a long but exciting few days, now it's time to get some sleep and then major catch-up on work tomorrow!


Just giving a big cheers to you for stopping by blog in your hectic crazy schedule. My little guy was so happy. He seriously thinks you are great. He was crying tonight because it was too late to whip out the art supplies before bed, so I promised him, more Claudine first thing in the morning. A jammie day with your book, mommy and son and paint. heaven.
Really sweet photo of you and Bernie, Claudine! Sounds like you had a great time...and kudos on the "Martha moment"!
Has Martha ordered custom pieces for all her friends and family yet?

Not yet! But I am keeping my fingers crossed she will! Or maybe her daughter will likey my work. you never know! xxxox
It was SO awesome meeting you!! I'm hoping I'll be ordering a commissioned piece from you for my birthday this year.....I'll keep you posted on that! ;-)
I think Bernie looks good, but SHE just said she looks like Pat Benatar!!
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