what a morning....
This morning I found a dog who was roaming our neighborhood. I had seen him a few nights ago but he was too far away to get to him to come closer. So when I saw him this morning I approached him very carefully, determined he was friendly and put a leash on him. He's a big dog, some kind of mix and not neutered (grrr! why don't people neuter their pets!). He had a choker collar but no tags - why no tags people!!?. As soon as I saw him this morning I was like "oh no, here goes my day!"

Last year I found another dog and it took me 4 days to find his home. The people who lost him were so dopey they didn't put up "lost dog" signs for 4 days!!! Who does that? I was reluctant to even give him back. If it were me I would be out night and day finding my dog.

So this morning I start walking the neighborhood with this very large dog. I am still in my PJs with no place to put the dog so I can change, so I just keep going. I am not a big dog person so I tried to keep a dominant frame of mind so he would obey me. He was pretty good. No one in this neighborhood recognized him, some people telling me to just let him go again so he can find his way home - yeah right, like I can live with that.

Anyway long story short, I walked to the entrance where our neighborhood meets two others and stood on the corner and waved every car down. What a sight I must have been in my PJs, all ragged with bed head waving franticly! Finally after about 45 minutes, someone that recognized the dog stopped and took me to his home.

His owners weren't overly thankful, just saying "oh there he is, thanks" but I didn't do it for them I did it for the doggie. I hope that he doesn't get out again, but at least if he does, I know where he lives!


Oh, Claudine, this made me laugh. This is how we ended up with a few of our dogs! People can be so ignorant. I am sure the dog is very grateful. Hey, we do our small part to save the animals in this world, don't we? Even in our pajamas. :)
So happy for the doggy that he found such a nice human to find his home. We have a neighbor whose dag is always getting out of the house and the owner just laughs it off. Why even have a dog if you aren't going to keep track of it's whereabouts!
There is a place in heaven for people who pick up stray dogs and keep them from getting hurt or lost. There is a another place for people who mistreat their pets or don't take care of them.
You did a good thing,
You are such a good person, Claudine...
Some people just shouldn't be able to have pets...or children for that matter
Bless you Claudine,
It's disappointing to hear that you were not lavished with gifts for returning such precious cargo. My baby (max, mini schuauzer) is almost never let off-leash because he follows his nose, and I have three sets of dog tags for all his collars in the dreaded event that he ever got away from me. I can tell you it's my biggest fear, so I thank you for returning that dog. If Max were ever to get away (and I do all that I can so he wont- my biggest fear is that we go through about 2 of those extender leashes a year & I worry that it will break) I hope he finds someone like you before he ends up in traffic or something. Some people have just pets, and then some of us have companion animals, who are family members. I suppose pets are treated well enough, but not well enough for me.
It angers me too, that some pet owners are so careless with their animals. But that being said, as I read your story of you looking for the dog's home in your jammies, I was picturing a Poppet sketch of the scene! Could be pretty cute! Might you create one???
Oh, people like that just anger me. But, the story of you with bed head in your PJ's waving down traffic made me laugh.
I bought your book several moons ago...and I loved it..and it helped get me past my creative roadblocks...but what has impressed me the most was this post...Ms. Hellmuth with bed head and jammies in public - saving a dog!! I am now and forever more a devoted fan!

YOU are the real deal.

The image alone of you in your pj's w/the big dog made me laugh-sounds like a great idea for one of your poppets! Too bad the owners weren't grateful-our Nala got out and we scoured the neighborhood-me in tears-on my mom in law's bday-and didn't go back to her place until we found her-she now has tags, a chip and anything else that will get her home if it ever happened again.
Sounds like that dog needs a new owner~
oh! this sounds like me last month. my story had a sader and a happier ending though. in our case, the puppy was a wonderful german shorthair mix, and like all pointers, she loves to jump fences. apparently her owner, who we were able to identify and notify, had just given up on her. we couldn't let her roam and possibly get hit, so we now have a new dog, aptly named trouble, and are in the middle of getting fencing estimates, which we really can't afford, because she can jump our fence at some of the low points. but she is a wonderful dog and we adore her. i can't believe someone could just not care what happened to her.
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