Our desktop computer died this morning. We went to turn it on and nothing, just a big black screen. It won't boot up at all. I called the Geek Squad and they basically told me it was dead and to give it a nice burial and buy a new one. I just wish I had gotten more time out of fixing it only a couple weeks ago, because that wasn't cheap. But I had a feeling, it never did work quite right after they fixed it -- it's 4 years old and we debated even having them fix it in the first place. Oh well.

So I guess we'll be getting a new PC in the next day or so. Thankfully the laptop still works and I can still get on the internet. I am doubly thankful that I have finished just about all my commissions too so I don't have to rely on the computer as much.

Still whaaaa! I don't want to go through getting a new PC and setting it all up, such a hassle, at least it's tax deductible for me as a business expense!

EDITED 5:10pm: Wow! I just got an email from the founder of Geek Squad who read my blog post. He wanted to make sure I was happy with my service and that I they had done everything they could to get my PC back on it's feet. WOW! talk about customer service! I really think they did do everything, I think my PC was on it's deathbed anyway and it was time. I am just not going to put anymore money into this
ancient computer. sigh.

PS. We wanted to go with a MAC but I am just not prepared for that much change in my life now, maybe next year.


Buy the best computer out there for your Christmas gift!
happy christmas to you - woo hoo! oh but claudine, why not a MAC! i'm both pc and MAC savvy but love the apple world so much better! happy shopping and ENJOY!!! hugs and happy holidays, rachel =)
And with the new Intel Macs you can run Windows on it. Macs are so much more robust. I've had this Mac for 7 years and only had to reinstall the OS once. The one I had before that I had for 9 years.

Nevertheless, Tax Deductions, they're a good thing.

Oh no, the Black Screen of Death!

Hope you didn't lose anything irreplaceable. I just bought a new external hard drive and I swear from now on I am backing up EVERYTHING once a week, and saving anything precious to a flash drive.
This is sad for you but a good wake-up call to the rest of us.
the MAC world is SO much better and easier
and supports so many more ART related things...
I got so sick of all the viruses and all the popups and blah blah blah...
MAC all the way for me, now!
Buy a MAC - no virus', no spyware, graphics friendly...and I am a PC user. Wish I could switch.
We've had MAC's as the family computer and the business computer since 1984. My husband got a Dell laptop with his job and nothing but trouble and had to be replaced after 2 years.

My laptop is 5 years old (ibook) and the Imac is at least 10 years old. Still working just find, no bugs, no viruses, no spyware, and it is SUPER EASY to use!!! Translates PC stuff. And it's the standard for graphics designers.

Get a MAC!!!

Also the Geeks could have done something to your computer if it never worked right after they fixed it. I would have asked that guy to send them out to check.
Oh, that just sucks. But, ya, on the bright side, you get to pick a shiny new computer!
Oh, that just sucks. But, ya, on the bright side, you get to pick a shiny new computer!
I hear ya about the Mac...I'd lke one too, but don't want to deal with the hassle of learning a whole new system.
Claudine: something similar happened to me a few years ago with my PC. I purchased a new PC and had them install the old hard drive as a "slave drive" and never lost a THING! It was the easiest way ever to do a new puter...when I wanted an old file, I just went into the "f" drive, dragged it on to the desktop or into the new "c" drive. Best of luck! Prob with getting a Mac is that you have to replace a ton of software with Mac...gets expensive! jood
You know you can run Windows XP on the new MAC's-

GO with a MAC- No Viruses too... AND Super Easy!

Jane Wynn
I agree with Jane: GET A MAC! The learning curve is nil. You will be a much happier camper. It's the easiest computer to learn. I swear to you, you won't be frustrated or disappointed...If you were going to go from Mac to a PC, then I'd understand. But going to a Mac is such an easy thing...
What a bummer. Hope you find something new that you like and can get all your info onto your new machine. I know what you mean about being time consuming. Took me over an hour to get the new Norton installed on my PC. I still have to do my daughter's, and I am so not looking forward to that.
Get THE Mac.. they go both ways now ;)
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