I went to Super Target today to pick up some groceries and on sale Christmas stuff. As I am turning the corner in the frozen food aisle I ran into a friend that I used to work with at Super Crown books when I lived in DC, about 10 years ago. Boy was I surprised to see him! It was exciting to catch up with an old friend. Funny how life works that way!

My mom and I have an idea how to knit a hat for Noel. I'll get the measurements from Bernie and let you know how it works out. My mom's a great knitter so we should be able to get it done this weekend!


found you on anastasiac's blog and just wanted to say hey! i used to live in orlando myself...great town, though it's a bit hot at miss it though! anywho, just wanted to say your work is lovely...keep up the good work!

:) D
Thanks for the note Claudine~ I listened to your voice all day as Zach did audio! Getting closer! I'm so excited! Zach and I walk around calling out "Bees Wax!" at random times and places. Grocery stores. Movie theater lines. Etc. People think we're crazy.
Hi Claudine,
Would you still like me to knit noel a hat?Poor darling
nicole irvin
Oh dear claudine.....Noel has really touched a nerve if I can't knit a hat for him can I pay pal you some money to buy him a big juicy bone???Or what about a scarf or coat in the australian colours???
love to you nicole irvin

oh yes please still knit Noel a hat. I will post her measurements when I have them. The more hats the merrier!

thanks for being such a sweetie!
A Super Target???? Be still my heart!
what a story, that poor little pup! super target sounds dreamy :)
please let me know if you need paypal mad money for noel also..that little angel needs to live regally! my 5dogs do and we wantto make sure noel does too!please let me know...
bernie is an angel in disguise isnt she...
I can't wait to see the pictures - my heart broke when I read about Noel ... and I can't stop thinking about her....
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