toby with santa
Yesterday we took Toby to see Santa at Petsmart. This was the first year that Toby had a happy face in the photo. yay! Usually he has his scared/worried face but this year he smiled!

(click to enlarge)
Thanks to everyone for the Happy Birthday wishes! It was a great day!


awwwwww sooo cute!!!
how cute! i took abby too, but our santa wasn't too attractive!

Merry Christmas!
Awww, look at Toby! That IS a happy face! I tried that a couple of years ago with my Lucy, but she didn't really dig it.

Oh, and happy belated birthday...hope you had a wonderful day!
Maybe Toby finally really belives in Santa Claus! He's beaming... adorable!
wish i could do this with our cat--but he is just a tad to ornery!
That Santa looks a bit dodgy to me...
What an adorable photo!! I was thinking of taking Beula to Petsmart to get her photo done, but after she decided to be uncooperative for our family photo, I nixed the santa photo.
Hey, happy Bday to you and Toby looks very dapper!
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that is a stunningly beautiful picture...your family looks really cute :) Toby is such a doll.
Hello, I manage the pet salon in a Petsmart in upstate NY and am a fan of your work. Thought I'd just drop you a note and say "Hi".


Selkirk, NY
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