time to wrap the presents
I'm feeling a little bit more in the Christmas mood today. I still can't believe it's here! It's almost 80 degrees outside so a little hard to feel Christmassy. I like it when it's about 60, a little chilly, but not too cold. Yesterday we braved the mall to get a couple last minute presents. After 30 minutes there I had a migraine.

I hate shopping so much. I did perk up in Anthropologie when I saw some really cute aprons, I started unrolling them to see if they were 1/2 or full aprons. I don't like the 1/2, not enough coverage. Then the girl that was working that section got all nasty about me unrolling them and proclaimed loudly "i wish people would stop unrolling the aprons!"to her other co-worker. So I left apron-less.

We left it too late to get our niece Maiya the Christmas present we promised - sold out everywhere - so I did a mad dash on Amazon and found it. They won't be back in town until late this week so it will have time to arrive. Whew.

Today we have been cleaning the house and sprucing things up for relatives to come over tomorrow. Now it's time to wrap the presents and we have Christmas carols playing to get us in the spirit.

And then of course A Christmas Story will be playing starting tonight -- a classic which Paul and I quote from year round.

Hope everyone has a great holiday!

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happy holidays claudine!!! hope it's special and filled with tons of fun and great memories!!! grrrr to that apron lady - darn her! i got stuck in our driveway trying to get out today w/our recent blizzard - ack! christmas is cancelled here until tuesday - pout! hugs, rachel
Oh, goodness! Poor Rachel. I remember living in Denver as a kid and we got absolutely dumped on one year. Neck-high drifts and lots of shoveling and tunneling just to get to the driveway. The parent's hated it, but we kids thought building caves in the drifts was great fun!!!!

I really love the idea of wrapping the gifts the night before Christmas. My folks are doing it right now with theirs, but my hubby is so into shaking his gifts and guessing 3 weeks before Christmas that I have no choice but to buy them and wrap them in advance.

A Christmas Story is our favorite, too. Such great fun, and an era I've always been so fascinated by, so it's a real treat to throw that DVD into the player each year.

Have a wonderful sweltering Christmas in Florida, and Happy Holidays to everyone else, too!

Wishing everyone much love and fun at this time. :o)

Jelaine F.

If the cranky sales girl wants to avoid re-rolling the aprons, she could make their display more user friendly and organize them according to length.

I used to work retail, and while I sympathize with anyone who does/did a tour of duty in that industry, I'll be the first to call this a no-brainer. She was out of line. Don't make shopping like an obstacle course for the buyer and you won't have to deal with the aftermath.

I'm just sayin'.........
"How does mommy's little piggy eat?"
Merry Christmas Claudine! You work inspires me SOOOO much, I just love it. I got your newest idea book and can't wait to sit down and devour it!!
have a wonderful Holiday, Claudine!
Hope your holiday was wonderful, in spite of the heat wave. We, in the Northeast had a heat wave of our own. It's been in the mid 30s instead of cold enough for snow. Ugh. I hate rain!!! I chuckled when you described the 60s as chilly!!! I used to work in retail as a teenager and I do recall that we all hated when people un-did our work, but that's why we had a job --- age give perspective among other things!! We also LOVE and quote from A Christmas story! And I don't get migraines, but also hate shopping in malls during the holidays. Too many hostile frantic bodies in one place!!!
Happy New Year if I don't write again soon!!
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