time for tea!
I had a busy day today working on commissions. Here's a Poppet® canvas commission that I just finished up of a little girl having a "mad hatter tea party" with her doggie. I love the way this one turned out! I just have to put a sealer coat on it and it will be on it's way to Australia!

I am now fully booked for Holiday commissions!

I decided to post a notice to my web site because I am worried about getting everything done in time, I think I can manage what I have as long as no new Holiday orders are coming in.

It's always difficult to try to figure out how many pieces you can do in the short amount of time before the Holidays. And each artwork takes its own time, you can't rush them. From what I figure, at the rate I am going each day, I should have all of them done on the 15th or 16th and then I can ship on the 18th. All of them need to be out by then to allow enough time for shipping and delivery.

Then I can rest! Whew!


Oh Claudine - this is wonderful!! I adore this one - how lucky she is!!
P.S. Great idea to put a limit on your commissions. It is good to give yourself some time to get everything done without losing your mind. Or well at least not all of your mind. It can be hard to say no but I think it is really smart to set things up around the holidays like you have.
Oh my gosh, Claudine! I love your imagination and your ability to transfer your ideas into art! This is sooo adorable! Lots of detail and the dog is too precious! Drinking tea!!!
This may be my favorite of yours ever! The little dog is just the sweetest!
Claudine! This is my favorite of all!!! How cute...she will be so excited....the dogs expression is priceless
Claudine, this is just too too adorable!!! What a fun piece. I think your clients will be in love with this. How can it not bring a smile to your face??!!
SO smart Claudine! Your art is so precious and it just pours from your bubbly soul. If you get stressed out and can't enjoy your own holidays- it's bound to come out in any last minute crunch work. How many do you average in a day? (Just curious)
Enjoy Your Holidays and all the craziness andwarm fuzzies that go with them!
Oh my goodness Claudine be still my beating heart the little girl looks odly familiar........the dog well I just know him from somewhere to !!!But wait I think these to people are mine!!!!!! And I think this artwork belongs to me!!!!! Yippee I'm the happiest person alive far to cute!!!!!! I can not wait to get my hands on this I will strat stalking the mail man next week!!
Nicole xoxo

hi there!

it's hard to put a time frame on the commissions but in *general* I can complete about 2-3 sketches a day as long as there are no canvases being worked on that day too.. The canvases take longer, they get started one day then approved by the client, then another half day to finish up etc.
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