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We went to a local organic nursery today, they had all kinds of super amazing flowering plants, and we even bought a few - giant sunflower bushes which are supposed to get really big.

But I was really excited by the bird exhibits. The guy who owns it has a hobby of having pet birds. They are in these amazing enclosures (so I didn't feel guilty about caged birds) and it was so much fun. I fell in love with the teeny weeny Button Quail and I want one to put in my pocket! I don't think Stan and Mabel would do well with a birdy friend. Speaking of the cats, here are a couple photos of the kitties I snapped today!

Stan likes to have a big nap from 5pm-11pm so then he can keep us up all night running around like crazy.

Here's Mabel exhausted after playing with Stan. Just look her her chubby belly!


oh your babies are ADORABLE...hmm what is that website that you submit your cute photos of your darling kitties? Hmmm it will come to me and Ill post it here but you should submit their photos!!! have a great day and know you keep inspiring others!!
Mabel's belly needs a great big passionate kiss. RIGHT NOW!
I've often craved to have a bird and a hamster but don't dare combine with my 2 kits. I can't even have flowers in the house. Alas......
I think Mable and Delilah may be
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