saturday night
This evening Paul and I had dinner and then went to the McRae Art Studios opening. We stopped and talked to Lynn Whipple, John Whipple, Donne Bittner, and Larry Moore. It was fun to see everybody!

Whenever I go to the show at McRae, I always think "hmmm it would be so nice to have a REAL studio here with other artists." But then I know I need my livingroom/ studio in my house so I can work in my PJs.

My real dream is to live where I can have a cute little house in back of our "real" house that can be my studio house. So then I could work near my home but also not have to put everything away in sealed containers so that it doesn't get chewed on by a certain kitty cat who shall remain nameless (Stanely!). ahhh, maybe someday.


But.....But.....but, he's just carrying on the tradition! ;o)

Man, I hate it when you link to those yummy restaurants. It makes me drool! My local Whole Foods has a pizza kitchen on premises and they make the BEST tomato/basil/pesto pizza. About twice per week I have "vegetarian" days where I avoid most proteins save for egg and dairy to keep my body in balance, and those are the days where I pig out on guacamole on rice cakes and also on that awesome pizza. Soooooooo good. So very good.

I have a similar issue with wanting a real studio. I have a spare bedroom redone as my studio, but my cats love to sun in there because of its large bay windows. I can't deny them that. Also, I don't want to have to shower just to go paint. I want to continue to work in PJ's, I'd like to have a separate "casita" in back of my house that is strictly "no cats allowed". I'd even settle for one of those customized Tough Sheds at this point. LOL
That is a nice dream, one I have myself.

Hey, congrats on the feature on in Art Talk!

See it here:;topicseen#msg99496

Very deserving!
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