only two more days till christmas!
I can't believe Christmas is almost here! It does not feel like it to me. Maybe it's because I haven't done one lick of shopping yet, and have been working right up until today. No time to get in the holiday mood! Anyone else having trouble getting in the holiday spirit?

Paul and I aren't exchanging gifts, so we just have to get presents for our nieces and nephews and also for my parents. Other than my parents, the rest of the adults we do Secret Santa so we don't have to buy everyone a gift. It gets way too expensive, and Christmas presents should be mostly for the kids, they are the ones who get excited about them, as grownups we just buy what we want when we want it.

I also have to give the postman something this year. He's such a grump to me usually I am thinking if I give him something maybe he'll perk up. We'll see! I looked it up on the internet and says it's illegal to leave cash for a postman, so I guess I'll leave him some chocolate, I have a small box of Godiva, he shouldn't complain about that!

I still have two more commissions I'd like to get to the draft stage today. Fortunately these aren't for Christmas gifts, just for anytime, but I don't like to be late from my promised due dates. Maybe I can even work on Illustration Friday, we'll see!


Merry Christmas! I wish you & yours a joy filled 2007.

I've read several places you can give your mailman up to $20/yr. That is what I do.

ditto on the holiday spirit - I want one holiday at a time, starting in October and thru our birthday. Then I'll think about some Christmas spirit! The electric luminaria on the planter outside the family room come on before dusk and gently light christmas cactus, camellias, poinsettias and pansies in bloom + St. Francis. Right now that is my favorite seasonal thing and it all stays after the season!

I just think every year is different some big celebrations, some small and some jollier than others. Just have to roll with it.

best to all!
I'm not really in the Holiday spirit this year either. Usually I get all excited about all the little things and the feelings that go into this time of year. I guess it's because I've been working myself to death, but even in the past when I was working hard and flat broke, I still enjoyed the season. Who knows? I've got a day or two to get in the spirit.

Maybe it's a Grinch vibe in the air or something.

The only thing I'm going to leave for my postal/ UPS person is a bag of burning crap! I cannot count how many times my magazines have been torn and ripped, my mail been late or lost, or my packages delivered at the wrong times and on the wrong dates and with me having to go up to the warehouse depot in the middle of no-where-Maspeth-Queens to try and pick up packages that are usually not there at all. I know that they are people just working and trying to survive like everyone else, but they need to put down the crack-pipe and do their jobs. Ugh. Double UGH on them!
Gosh, I'm totally with you! I have two small kids so we have to do "something" for Christmas! I finally put our tree up last Sunday and a small one in my kids room...and then promptly stuffed all other decorations back outside in the shed! I finally shopped this week and did a Christmas party for my kids and their friends yesterday afternoon... which I'll never do again! 13 kids from ages 4-7 in my small house (10 of them boys)... it was so loud I couldn't think! The only cookies I baked were drop sugar cookies for this party! I did do some cinnamon rolls and that has been my salvation of the craziness of this week... I love working with the dough and it was like taking a few vallium! It was very calming and I'm glad I made myself do it. Anyway, I have a party to go to tonight and I don't even want to go at all. This year, I feel like the holiday snuck up and bit me in the butt. Now I'll be glad when it's over and this makes me feel really sad. This isn't what Christmas is really about so, I'm vowing to actually make out a calendar for next year and start early. Bah humbug....

About the postal worker... I LOVE my regular postal carrier. She even leaves little surprised in the mailbox for my kids from time to time! Last year, I made her a soldered postal stamp ornament and she loved it since she collects postal ornaments, which I didn't know. This year, I've done nothing yet but we have been having several different workers delivering so I don't know how to make sure the right one gets the gift!
I am consoled to know that you and Paul, who are practically newlyweds compared to my husband of 17 years, are not exchanging gifts. I don't know why I get wrapped up (no pun intended) in others' traditions of what should be done for Christmas. This year, while trekking through the mall for our huge extended family for gifts, I was so dismayed at the money I was spending, on adults who don't need anything, on gifts that they would probably spend the following week returning. It goes against everything this season is meant to be. Needless to say, I am not in the holiday mood, so I understand the feeling. There's so much pressure and work for one day. Sorry for the tirade. You just hit such a chord with me. Take a moment to do something simple & special to revive the mood. Merry Christmas, Claudine!
LOL, My Mom works for the P.O. as a carrier and they've been getting "illegal" gifts (aka CASH) for years now. The postal workers (the good ones) seem to all get tipped pretty well. Mom made out pretty good this year...makes her happy. She works darn hard!
Have a Merry Christmas!!!!
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