no tree this year
This year we decided not to put up a Christmas tree.

Our thinking was that we knew we'd spend our days picking Stanley out of the middle of it, him chewing on the lights, or ornaments crashing to the ground in the middle of the night. Christmas Trees are just too enticing for kittens to stay out of!

Also, our little Maggie used to love to climb up the Christmas tree and I am missing her so much, I can't bear to up it up this year. Here's a photo of her -- just last year -- in the middle of our tree.

What a silly girly she was.


you two are so smart. so many people put them up and then get angry/upset at their small children and pets that find it all too inticing. with all that's going on in your life, who needs another trip to the vet to see if your darling Stanley swallowed an ornament hanger or too much tinsel?????

What a sweet picture of your kitty. I too decided no to put up tree this year. It's weird isn't it? But I think I'll survive.
OMG, can I get a cat in a tree?? That is the CUTEST picture of Maggie in the tree. I think though that you are right in not putting the tree up. It's like putting the presents under the Christmas tree and expecting us not to look! "Oh, did the corner of the package just accidentally rip a little when I pulled at it?" The cat's same question is "Did I do that? It's too pretty not to touch!!"
You can always do what an old friend did-they had a mini tree outside or they just decorated a branch of an outside tree...You could always just hang stuff from the ceiling and make the whole place one big winter wonderland...
Don't forget the Christmas stockings though...cats love those if they are big enough for them to climb into!! Find a crinkly one that makes noise ;)
My puppy chewed thru a package one year at my mom's (she was supposed to be watching her!) and shredded the cuff of the sleeve off of my dad's new blazer! So now, when temptation is too great with a newbie in the house- we've begun putting up a "friendly tree" for them. Paper chains and paper decorations the nieces and nephews make. And a few BIG lights. Now- no worries as to if they knock it down or chew anything. And the kids love coloring, cutting and pasting the puppy proof ornaments. Happy-Healthy Holidays!
Yep, some times call for new "traditions"! I still can't put up a big tree that would call for the dalmatian ornament collection! If they weren't such an investment you could look into a chandelier tree - that hangs upside down from the ceiling!

This is a good chance to enjoy other trees - nursery displays, outdoor lights, our favorite... Ruta's does the chandelier tree thing so we always make an excuse for supper there in December!

hug those furfaces for me!
hi guys! good suggestions! I like the "safe tree" idea with paper chains etc.
Maybe we'll do that next year.

this year we strung lights above the TV cabinet and also put out some ceramic decorations. We also decorated the outside of the house with lights. feel christmasy enough :)
So sorry that the tree causes you pain. I think of how my cats play in ours and I would feel the same way if we lost one of our "girls".
I could SOOO just see your tree full of paper poppet ornaments!

-Enjoy your furbabys and family- that's all that matters anyway! Sometimes I think if I didn't have all the rushing around to do to clean, decorate, and play "hostess" I could actually realx and enjoy the family more too....
I thought of you today while picking out Christmas cards. There was one with a red cat on it that said something along the lines of the cat singing to himself that he was going to "Wreck the halls" and bring down the was cute. It made me think of Stanley and how most cats can't resist the lure of the tree!!
More cute (I love the cat that says "I Hate Everything") photo here:
Awwwww. So cute.
Only one of our cats was ever a tree climber, and she loved an audience. At every Christmas party she would make at least one big dramatic leap into the tree, complete with falling ornaments. Otherwise she was very well-behaved!
aw, kitten are the best!
Oooh, I just love that photo of Maggie. What a sweetie she was. We lost one of our kitties this year too. We are lucky to still have his brother with us.
Right after I read your Christmas tree post, our new cat knocked over ours! We'd put up unbreakable decorations, but took a chance and added the lights. Luckily, only a few bulbs broke (and Meeko had leapt to safety behind the couch before they hit the floor). The big mess was the water from the bucket we had the tree in. My daughter's Christmas book collection (which she'd carefully arranged on the floor under the tree) was soaked, as were some of my favorite hand-made paper ornaments. Oh well, we'll always remember Meeko's first Chrsitmas with us. (The tree's story is told in photos on my blog:
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