new tv show?
Anyone seen the new show on HGTV called Make Cool Stuff? I'm going to set my DVR and see what it's like! There are so many new crafting shows out right now, I like to tape them and then watch them on fast forward.

EDITED: OK I am a dummy, Make Cool Stuff isn't a show, it's what they are calling their new line up of craft shows. No wonder why I couldn't find it on the DVR menu. Grrrr I was hoping for a new cool show. Oh well!


i made the same mistake- i went all around the site last week looking for the new show! silly HGTV.
And I made that mistake as well, but I don't think it's our fault. They never actually say that "Make Cool Stuff" isn't the name of a show! I have my DVR set for all three of the shows they're talking about and they're not bad. I've seen them during a free preview of the DIY channel. Sometimes they're worth watching and sometimes I just roll my eyes. There are only so many times I can watch people make garden ornaments out of PCV pipe and tin cans.

I'm so far behind! Happy Birthday, Miss C! Sounds like a good day was had by all. Happy, happy to you!
Yes, yes!! I've been looking for info, too. I'll email you what I found so far :-)
being the animal lover you are, i think i have a post you might enjoy. :) if you have a spare minute check out "what a hussie" at
(ps i promise she had a vet appt for right after christmas!)
How do you get Google Alerts?
Oops. I posted that question to the wrong blog entry.
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