We signed up for NetFlix today. Wow it's addictive picking out movies! Paul spent the better part of his day off today selecting movies for our queue.

Any "must see" movies that we should make sure to add?

Right now we have:

How to Draw a Bunny
What the Bleep
The Machinist
Big Night

Now we are wondering why we didn't sign up for NetFlix sooner!


*sigh* I love Netflix. There are so many good movies! So little time. Sometimes we netflix different shows we like so that we can catch up on seasons we never saw. We forget to send the movies back though and sometimes they sit for weeks before we actually seal the envelope and mail it. It takes my laziness to a whole new level. :)
Oh so very addictive!! Here is a pdf of the list I compiled when I asked that question on my blog. .
You MUST see these two foreign films...

Bread and Tulips
The Hairdresser's Wife

Both excellent, but never on cable.
I live for Netflix. I've just sat through the entire first 2 seasons of Battlestar Galactica thanks to Netflix. It was AWESOME! And, they ship FAST. I get a two day turnaround on my movies, never had a scratched one yet. It's a sweet deal.

I'd say go with what you like, and definitely take seriously the star ratings and reviews. Not a lot of "This movie's kewl, dude". Most of the comments are very well thought out. They have an excellent selection of foreign films which we've thoroughly enjoyed.

You'll never get any work done now. LOL!

Personal favorites from Netflix:

What the Bleep
All of the documentaries
Battlestar Galactica
Arrested Development
Infernal Affairs
The Quiet American
Like Water for Chocolate
Junebug & The Machinist are really good. Haven't seen the others.
Oooooh, I love my Netflix!!!! My mom turned me on to it about a year and a half ago. It makes mail day even more exciting! I love it even MORE because we don't have public TV, so I get to catch up on shows that I hear everyone talking about....but the coolest thing is that I don't have to wait till the next week for the next episode!!! :)

Netflix is like crack, only cheaper and legal. ;)
What fun! I really liked Joyeux Noel. It is a foreign film that takes place on the front lines during WWI with soldiers from Germany, Scotland, and France calling a truce for the evening.
I've been addicted for two years now. YOU WILL LOVE How to Draw a Bunny. It's fabulous.
Little Miss Sunshine was great~
The Illusionist too~
We, too, discovered Netflix not too long ago. It's the best service I've ever signed on for maybe ever. Good trivia: the guy who created Netflix got the idea when he found himself forking over $40 for late charges on Apollo 13. Have you seen Rivers and Tides, about Andy Goldsworthy, an amazine sculptor who uses nature as his medium. We loved it.
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