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The Machinist arrived today via Netflix. Paul and I just got done watching it. Not my favorite movie, I kept waiting for something to really happen. We both had the movie figured out pretty early so it wasn't like Memento where it kept you guessing the whole time. It did manage to cement my fear of power tools (I have a horrible fear of power tools) and now whenI write my notes to myself on Post-its I am sure to think of this movie.

Paul has tomorrow off. I'll do a little work, maybe we'll go see a movie or out to dinner. I am going to try to take this weekend off, except for packing and shipping artwork. I am tired and need a little break!


When you were in art school, were you required to take at least one sculpting course involving metal/drills/blowtorches? I had to and I hated every second of it. That stuff freaked me out. I thought I was the only one, but maybe not!

Memento broke my heart. Such a sad story.

yes we did have to take a class, 3-d sculpting. On the first day they brought us around telling us how one person lost a finger on this machine and lost a hand on that etc etc. It was a little too effective of a cautionary tale for me, now I have a terrible fear of power tools.

I found a way for every project to do it by hand even if it took me 5 times longer. I never wanted to go into the wood shop again after those stories!
But it has Christian Bale in has to be good! He's been one of my "imaginary boyfriends" for the last 17 years or so!! LOL!!
I'll see anything with him in it ;)
I know what you mean about being tired and needing a break. I've been watching a lot of movies lately and not doing too much work. I haven't gotten out of my uniform of PJs in days. When I have to leave the house, I just pull jeans and a jacket over them. If it were up to me, I'd always wear PJs.
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