let's make some hats!
Many of you know that I am close friends with Bernie who runs her own grass roots animal rescue called A Place to Bark.

Today I read on her blog about Noel, a little puppy who is missing both ears because of being used as bait for fighting dogs. Bernie rescued her from certain death at animal control and now has her on the road to recovery. You can read about Noel here.

Today Bernie and I were talking, wouldn't it be nice to make little hats for this doggie to give her new ears ... maybe we could create a very soft knitted hat with floppy ears! Wouldn't that be cute!

Neither of us are knitters so we don't know how to even measure her head for a hat. Anyone have any ideas? Anyone want to help us make little hats for Noel? Any ideas are appreciated!


I wish I knew how to knit. I would love to make Noel a hat...she is such a beauty (both Noel and Bernie - what an angel!)
I could probably figure out a way to knit a hat but would prefer to send money - so that the vet could suggest the best way to shield the poor pups ear. Poor animal - what people do is criminal. Where can I send a check for this poor baby?
I can knit a hat for you claudine.........send me the measurements and I will consider it an honour tyo help the poor fellow out something aussie.........yes I can feel it!!!
nicole irvin
M - you can find out how to donate to Bernie on her blog, look in the right side bar. Here's the link!

Nicole - I am not sure of the measurements for the puppies head. should we measure around the head to under the chin?
I'll bet a babies knitted cap would work...or anything that fits a babies head would probably fit a puppies. Maybe cut some ear shapes out of felt and hand sew them onto the baby hat. Noel can have any kind of ears she wants...maybe Viking horns...or cute pointy ears...every day she can be someone new! I wish I could knit that well...I'm not good enough...but I will check with some of my friends that do knit.
I can't believe that there are people that discusting in this world to do that to that poor innocent beautiful puppy. On the flip side...there are wonderful people in this world like Bernie and Noel is on the way to recovery and hopefully will have a long happy life...
I don't know how to knit Claudine, sure wish I did. That is such a compelling story. I hope someone can stitch up some adorable ears for Bernie!!!
uhm, I meant Bernie's sweet dog Noel!! Maybe Bernie would like a pair, too?! :)
I think it would be even more apropos to find the person who did this to Noel, and make a hat out of his ears.
What about a felt hat? That would be easier... I would think you'd need to measure around the head from "forehead" to neck same as a human hat and also the distance from ear to ear under the chin/snout. And an adjustable strap would make sense so it could last a few months.
I sure wish I knew how to create the perfect little topper for that poor doggie. Thanks for sharing the link. I read through tears about her story and shared it with my daughters.
I'm not usually a spiteful person, but I have to agree w/ what Susan C. posted: "I think it would be even more apropos to find the person who did this to Noel, and make a hat out of his ears."
It certainly is hard to understand how someone could let this happen.
Am so pleased to see so many responses to this post. I had tears running down my face when I read Bernie's post and saw the photo's of dear,brave little Noel.

One thing I love about the creative blogging community is how people naturally reach out.

Am no knitter myself but am sure someone will be able to create some beautiful for her.

What happened to her is beyond awful but I know her future will be bright (and she may end up one of the grooviest dogs in town with a myriad of hats!).
One thing that I have done for my dog was to make him "earmuffs" for flying in a small plane. I took shoulder pads (finally a use for those that my mom has saved for years) and connected them with ribbon on the top. they fit over his head very well and sat over his ears nicely. Then I attached a closure of ribbon for under his head. In the future I would use elastic under the chin. It might help this poor dog as the shoulder pads are loose enought so the animal can hear but provide protection for the inner ear. Sounds crazy and they weren't pretty but you could make them look great I'm sure,
just the project to get me busy again and stop crying over Jake...he would be so happy to help! thanks, Claudine! xoC
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