HGTV's I Want That
We got a digital copy of the I Want That epsiode I was in. Here's the clip!

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i was so bummed i had missed it! thank you for sharing, it turned out great!
Thanks for sharing. You are so inspiring!!!! I'm an artist and would love to get feedback on something I'm working on. Would you be interested in looking at the piece?

Leslie J.

sure thing! send me to your blog link and I can have a look. I also have a collage discussion group at yahoo and they are great at giving good feedback. here's the link:
I am so excited for you!
This is incredible! I hope it brings lots of recognition and business your way :-)
omg, this is excellent. good stuff, here! you are engaging and an inspiration.

That epi was professionally edited and wonderful! I'm very excited for you, and as others have said, inspired, too. :o)
the show was on much too late for this 5:30 am dog walker, so thanks for sharing!! What a great piece!!
omg i smiled the whole time. that's ma girl, i repeated in my head. congrats!!!!
Fantastic! It's nice to put a face and voice to the you I've "gotten to know" through your amazing books. They continue to be my favorite and most-used.
this is incredible claudine - loved it! i have my custom collage poppet on an easel and it still brings me tons of joy to look at it - so thank YOU!!! i'm so proud of you! HUGE hugs and happy holidays, rachel
oh this was so cute! i love the two dvd's you made, i have watched them a dozen times. so glad you are getting the exposure you deserve. i love your collage style.
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