HGTV's I Want That
Yay! My segment aired on I Want That. I was getting nervous because there were only 2 minutes left in the program and they hadn't shown it yet. But then there it was! Whew. I loved seeing my art juxtaposed with windpowered homes and a compound miter saw!

We took some photos while it was playing:

Here I am talking about the custom commissions....

Toby was in the segment too! Yay!! There he is on his little bed!

Sarah, my client, at her home choosing photos for her commission.....

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Hi! I caught it just in time (didn't realize it would be on this evening). Awesome! Toby looked too cute. :)
I am disappointed. I stayed up to watch it and thought it was the wrong episode since there was no sign of you...So I went to bed before the last minutes..Sorry, Claudine...
Do you think it will air again? Hope so.
I saw it and was very impressed! You are such a cutie! I thought you were presented very professionally! Glad I got to see it!
jackie smith
They should have given you more time, but it was great anyway
hi guys! it will probably air again, just look for episode #413

I hope to get a digital copy of it so I can run it on my web site too.

thanks for watching!
I set my DVR lastnight so I could watch it this morning. My hubby walked in just when you were on...his fav part was Toby... :)

You looked adorable. I wish they would have shown more...that wind power was also cool...but the furniture made from foam balls??? my dogs would love chew up! :)
Thanks for posting the TV shot...I was dying to know how it turned out!
Thanks for posting the TV shot...I was dying to know how it turned out!
You looked great, you sounded great, and your studio was a work of art, too! Congratulations!
Congratulations! That's such a huge deal! Yay!
I saw the show and you were great, as usual. I am sure you will get some extra business from the segment....way to go!
Congrats. That is super. Wish we got that show in Canada. Cheers!
I told my husband 'There is a show I need to watch tonight at 11:30pm...he was a little surprised as I am usually in bed quite early. "I have to see one of my favorite artists." I, of course, fell asleep on the couch....but I woke up just in time to see the show......way to go Claudine!!!!
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