happy new year!
Just a quick note to wish everyone a happy new year! I can't believe 2007 is here already!

Tonight Paul and I will be having dinner with our friends Martha and Larry. Then we'll probably have a somewhat early night because Paul has to work at 5am tomorrow so we can't be out too late!

Every year I like to come up with my dream list, not so much resolutions, but dreams and goals and things that I would like to have happen. I am a big believer in if you let the world know what you want, it happens for you. Check out The Secret , one of my favs on the subject!

So anyway here's my dream list, remember I am thinking big here, gotta ask for it or it won't happen!

EDITED: I am rewriting the list below as if they already happened, because I read that gives the dreams more power :)

  • I illustrate children's books
  • I have a steady flow of illustration work and exciting jobs
  • I have have plenty of time for both work and play
  • I have an animated Poppet® TV series
  • I have my own product line
  • I am well established in the licensing industry
  • I have wonderful ideas for a 3rd book
  • I have a more active social life
  • I have an English country garden with lots of flowers over flowing the beds
  • I get lots of massages/ pamper myself
  • I have clients and business partners that are a perfect match
  • My artwork is in many fine craft galleries
  • I have a steady stream of commission orders
  • I spruce up my wardrobe and learn to accessorize
  • I come up with an exciting new web site design
  • I find new outlets and collectors for my work
  • I have a healthy, exciting and happy year!

What are your dreams and wishes? Post below or on your own blog so we can share!


great list! i want some of that too.
work list-- more licensing deals, another book deal, new outlets and collectors of my work
life list-- more time with the family, with friends, a week at the beach with everyone, better bone density and my Jake back...too much?
oooops, signed away too soon...wishing you a creative and happy new year! and thanks so much for the info link to bernie and all your support over my way. xoxo.

I like your "new outlets and collectors for my work" leaves is nice and open so the universe can deliver what is best. i will add that to mine :)

hugs to you and jakey and all the fur babies who we have lost this year!

Fabulous list ... I wish you continued success (and a third book would be great!!).

I posted mine here, though mine are not all art related or very specific.

Happy New Year!
My list, except for the first two items, is vague enough that it leaves me (and the Universe) room to maneuver. I seem to accomplish more when I keep it loose. My inner rebel doesn't like to feel tied down:

*publish or self-publish a book of my works

*complete the rennovation of my house and yard - make it my perfect little sanctuary

*travel more this year, particularly to Vancouver, B.C. and to Sedona, AZ

*find a healthy balance between work and relationships

*make a viable living with my work, the benefits of which will include a sense of independence and confidence
Happy New Year! You have inspired me to create a list!
wow! what a great way to start the new year.

I wish you nothing but success this year for yourself, your hubby and your fur babies. :)
Oops! I forgot to add the most important part- HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

I hope everything on your list comes to pass this year. :o)
Happy NEW YEAR my dear friend!!!
I want to thank you for the past years of friendship, always being my sounding board when I needed an ear to bend and helping me help the animals..
I couldn't think of anyone more deserving of Stanley, to be his mom!!
Much Love...
Good luck with that list! Happy New Year!!!
I love your philosophy of claiming what you want so that it becomes yours... manifest your destiny...

I want to...
--have articles published in my favorite art & craft magazines
--make art every day!
--develop my web site'
--achieve more balance between work and play
--learn to say no to projects that are more work than return on investment
--spend more time enjoying my family
Omnamenta -- thanks for the link, I love the idea of picking one word for the whole year!

Kerrip-- this is a good one "learn to say no to projects that are more work than return on investment"
I need to learn how to do that too :)
Happy New Year, Claudine! The immediate goal for the new year is to never ever drink and get hung over like this again!
You would be an amazing children's book illustrator !
Thanks for letting me peek in on your creative life! I've kept my resolutions pretty general (which is perhaps playing things a bit too safe). Maybe I need to take more risks to make things happen. Anyway, I've posted my resolutions and some old artwork (one of my resolutions is to make time to make new art!) on my blog:

Best wishes to all!

The present tense sounds very powerful! It gives me goose bumps! :)
My list:
No worries
No wants
New wares
No wars
Happy New Year!
Happy New Year to you! It looks like you are well on your way accomplishing your list ;)
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