happy birthday to me!
Today I am 32. Woo hoo!

Not much exciting going on for the big day, but a nice relaxing day ahead!

This afternoon we're going over to my parent's house and then taking Toby to see Santa at PetsMart. (I'll post a photo!) I think we'll go out to dinner at The Melting Pot tonight - cheese and chocolate fondue - yummy! Then maybe I'll stop at Barnes and Noble and pick up a good book.

I got all my Christmas commissions done and packed up so now I can relax today. yay!


Happy birthday to you Claudine, and many happy years to go with lot's of great moments with your family and animals,

happy bday to you claudine!!!! best wishes for a fabulous day of royalty and fun! don't forget the CAKE - yummo!!!! HUGE hugs, rach
Happy birthday Claudine!
Hope you have a great day. On a fun note, the year ahead of you as 32 is a ONE year in numerology.
This means the start of a brand new 9 year cycle. Changes lies ahead :)
Happy Birthday! Oh, man. That sounds like an awesome birthday, actually. Wonderfully low key and self indulgent. The best kind!!! Must got eat some chocolate now.
Much LOVE to you today and Always my dear friend!!!
I would send you a box of kittens for your birthday, but I know Stan is handful:)
I LOVE you and can't wait to see you at CHA..
Happy Birthday!
Sending love your way! Enjoy the day!
Oh Happy Day Claudine!
You are a mere two weeks mature...than my daughter :)

Hope YOUR day is the BESTEST ever!!!
Happy Birthday! My life has more creativity because of you! Hope your day is the best!!!
Hi Claudine! Hope you have a beautiful birthday today - and best wishes for a year ahead filled with wonderful moments =)
Happy Birthday! You can't possibly be 32, you don't look old enough. And I KNOW I am certainly not old enough to be your mom (cough cough).

Have a swell day, birthday girl!
Happy Birthday! And many returns.
Happy Birthday, Claudine!!! are five days younger than my oldest...Guess that means I am old enough to be your mum...
Happy Birthday!!!
Hi Claudine
Happy 32nd Birthday! I turned 32 myself in October and so far it's been a great 32nd year ;)
Here's to many more wonderful years. Hope you have a great day!!!
happy birthday to you....i'm glad you didn't have to spend it at the vet hospital or with a strange dog or anything! :)
Big Birthday Wishes for you!!!!!!
Dear Claudine,

Happy, happy birthday, to one who brightens the world with her presence. I hope you have the time over Christmas to create some art just for yourself. You SO deserve it.
wishing you a very happy birthday! and a wonderful year!
Hope your birthday was EXTRA SPECIAL!!!
Happy Birthday indeed, Claudine!
Happy Birthday Claudine! You must have been your Mom's favorite Christmas present!
Happy Belated Birthday!
hope you had a nice, relaxing birthday.
Di :)
Happy Birthday girly girl!

Hope your birthday brings you all kinds of fun, arty gifts =)

Terry, Kodi, Mackenzie and I are sending you, Paul, Mabel, Toby and of course, Stanley, lots of furry hugs from Vancouver BC!

Love you chickie. Happy 32nd!!
Happy belated birthday wishes Claudine. I love the Santa photo taken at Petsmart. How cute!
Happy Birthday! I'll try and put something in the post for you!
My birthday was the 16th! Happy birthday fellow sag... how do you abreviate sagittarius? :)
Happy Birthday Claudine! Mine is next week on the 1st Eeeekkk 36 here I come!!
Just catching up on my blog browsing to see that you have the same bday as my brother and I. So I de-lurk to say - happy birthday! Sagittariuses rock!
Love your art by the way!
Happy Birthday and all your dreams became true!
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