one of those days...
Today my desktop computer got sick. I was working happily away on it when suddenly it decided to shut down all by itself.

Now whenever I start it, it loads Windows and then it shuts down again, all by itself.
I am on my laptop now so at least I have internet access.

The Geek Squad will be coming tomorrow to fix it. I just hope they don't put it back to the factory settings because then I'll have to spend forever re-loading in programs again. I had a long existential debate whether to even fix it, maybe to just buy a new one right away. But I am not prepared to make all the decisions that go into buying a new computer right now, so fixing it won out. Thankfully I just loaded all my data onto an external harddrive so all my data is safe. Whew! Yay for me for backing up my stuff!

In other "not now" news -- I am sick. ugh! Not now! Please! I have too much work to get done. I have been managing to still get work done but it's hard. I much prefer to be well, thank you very much!

But I did get this artwork done. Here's a commission that I just finished up of this cute girl and her sweet little dog.
nighty night!
Bummer about the PC. I had to rebuild my daughter's laptop last year right after Christmas and that was a big pain. I also had to rebuild the hard drive on my desk top a few years ago too. I really hate dealing with home computer problems. Hope they can get you fixed. Sorry to hear you are not feeling well. Take some Airborne and vitamin C and get plenty of rest. Love the cute commission you did!!!
another fabulous creation! feel better and I'm signing off to back-up my system...thanks for the heads up.
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