new stan pics
Stanley hopped in our colander when we took it out of the cabinet to make pasta. I couldn't resist posting these pics. Look how big he is! I just calculated his age and he's not even 17 weeks yet!


bahahahha- the middle one is the cutest!!! Thanks for sharing!
I think your little man is going to grow up into a BEEEEGGGG CAT!! So glad he's OK. Actually, I love the last shot. Unbelievably cute!!

My kids vote for the first picture.

Take care of yourself.

Yikes claudine I know its serious aand I shouldnt laugh but the FULL STORY had me giggling like a lunatic!! I just have these visions of you with your mad computer....oh dear you poor darling!!!!!
xoxo nicole Irvin Hirschau
p.s. I love my commissions!!!
These photos are ADORABLE!!!
What a sweet, little fellow! ;-)
Stan looks strained.
(ouch, did I say that?)
Actually, he looks blissfully happy and mischievous. great pics.
Oh he is so cute! I just want to smoosh him up!
Simply Adorable!
I remember my cat at that age, always falling asleep in the crayon and marker tubs. how silly!
Could he be any cuter!
Oh,he's so much like my sweet Paul. Such a sweet little bundle of trouble and he'll probably grow up to be big and cuddly.
What an adorable kitten!
As I scrolled down each picture was cuter than the next! He's so sweet!
Claudine, have you seen the movie "Dumas"? We had just finished watching it, when I saw these pic's of Mr. Stanley in the Colander. He's a little "Dumas" at heart. Check out the movie when you get the chance - about a boy who adopts a motherless cheetah in Africa. Need I say more?
Such a silly he getting big. Thanks for the big smile!
Aw, how cute. My sister's cat, Franklin, looks a lot like this little guy. You should title this "Straining Stan"
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