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I have decided to close my account. Ebay "help staff" are no help and just keep sending me form letters to do the same things that I have already done. None of which are fixing the problem.

Now that I have closed the account, it's frozen so no one can do anything with it. It's kind of sad, I had that account since 1999. But since I no longer sell art on ebay and hardly buy anything it shouldn't effect me too much.

I have been thinking of trying etsy for selling the odd arty thing, anyone have tips/advice?

If you want some majorly scary reading, read the ebay message boards, they talk about phishers using links IN AN AUCTION to gather information, so you think you are just re-logging in to bid on an auction but it's really a phish. YIPES!

Here's the link if you want to freak yourself out. I think it's safe to say that I won't be using ebay forawhile.
Hello Claudine,

I read your blog and thought maybe you would be like to check out It is like ebay, but it is for artist of all medias.

I also wanted to say that you have been a total inspriation to me and I have enjoyed every book you have written.

As of this month I will have my first show of my collage work. So thank you for being such a great inspriation.

Alease Michelle
So much for IDVerify on eBay.

well the CRAZY thing is that the hijacker did the verify thing and that's why I couldn't change my info. It verified as her info!!

LOL! It's probably some poor little old lady's house and they are hijacking her address.

these people are crazy! Ebay def. needs to be more proactive to stop them. Instead if it happens to you, they act like it's your fault you got hijacked.
Some sleazeball in Romania who was also an artist on eBay plagiarized several of my pieces from eBay and sold them as his own on a non-eBay site in Europe. He also did this to a number of other artists on eBay. When eBay was notified they told me they'd take care of it........and did nothing. He continued to be an active member of eBay under the same ID.
This exact thing happened to me on Friday! I was checking my e-mail and saw a bunch of confirmations for Gucci purses that I sure as heck didn't list! I thought it was spam and was going to delete the e-mails, but then went to check my account and sure enough...there were about fifteen 24-hour Buy It Now auctions listed under my user name.

Like you, I have never responded to phishing e-mails, so am very concerned about how they got my info. They didn't change my name or password or anything, so the Live help guy told me to change my password and to change my e-mail password, too. I haven't bid/sold anything for several months. I think these people target semi-dormant accounts hoping we won't catch them in time.

It makes me sooooo angry that there are people out there that spoil something for everyone. GRRRRRRR
Hi Claudine!
What happened to you on Ebay just sucks1 You defineitly may want to try ETSY. In order to sell on Etsy, the items must be handmade, hand-altered, or a supply or vintage. It is much more of a community than Ebay. It is growing in leaps and bounds, too. they have just launched their full version, V2 in the last 10 days. As with any launch, there have been problems. I have found that the Admin there is very responsive, though, and are cleaning up the problems.
It's only .20 cents to list an item, for 4 months and then Etsy gets 3.5% of the listing fee. It's not an auction, just a shop, which is free.
I set up there in June and have been very happy overall with my Etsy experience. I actually found Etsy thru blogs by Misty Mawn, Pam Garrison and Tracy Webster.
To see my shop, go to:

Take care,
Summer Sea Herbs
Wow. Etsy looks so cool. There's something about it that makes the works just glow, and there's some amazing talent on there! It's definitely different.
Hi Claudine-
I'm so sorry to hear of your E-bay troubles! It just enraged me, as My hubby and I use E-bay sometimes too! So my hubby is on the hunt for you- he can get into the county auditors site, and will find out if there is an actual Sarah Early or someone with same last name living or renting that address. If not- you can contact the landlord/owner of that property, and they can report that there is a fraud being done at that location. (The landlord/owner will have to file a police report or do something- either their place is being used to commit a fraud,or it is them that is doing the fraud themselves, and they can be held responsible....)

I'll post to you whatever we find out- it may take a bit- but at least it's worth a try. I hate feeling powerless!

So far he found out it's in Shasta county and here is that sherrif's number to report it-

Shasta County (530 245-6165) Sherrif

Good luck!
yes, yes, etsy is awesome. easy to use, great team of managers and has a good-hearted audience of shoppers not to mention sellers. love it! my stuff sold so fast I am already near empty. remember tho that most shoppers are young and/or crafters with modest budgets. even so, your work would tornado right outta there. happy turkey to you! xo
Hi Claudine,
It's Kari back agin with the hubby's update for you. First of all, he found out that her husband's name is Shaun, Shawn or Sean..... also, they are PROLIFIC in online mortgage flipping- and have many many many online mortages running concurrently right now,(USING that address) which is highly highly unusual and suspicious. The house appears to be out in the middle of nowhere, but is a fairly decent size ranch with a detatched garage......
That's all he could get for right now. Hope it helps-

thanks for the update! I figured it would just be some fake address. that would be crazy if the scammers put in their real address.

on the ebay boards I found other people mentioned that the same exact thing happened to them complete with the gucci bags and everything. So at least I know I am not alone.

I feel much better after closing my account.

happy thanksgiving!
Claudine, so sorry about the frustrations with ebay. I have been selling on Etsy for a while now and love it. So much more user friendly and free of that "buy it cheap" auction mentality.
Love your work! Your book was at my side when I decided to finally give collage a try.
I don't sell my art on ebay much anymore either. I really like etsy, and the online support their staff gives.

I think the prices are so reasonable too. The only thing is you have to list frequently so people "see" you.
I came by way of Vintage Collage & Quilts and Cowboy Sweetheart...stopped in to say THANK YOU for posting the Ebay alert info...did not know about the phishing during and auction like that and I will be on guard. I am so sorry for what has happened to you. No wonder you are shaking ! you have been violated (raped!). Your privacy invaded. It is a horrible feeling. I am so sorry.

Geez I think Bella Vista might be near me....! want me to go poke her ?

Really I am not the poking type...but I thought I would offer.

Good luck to you - will be thinking of you.

Love, S.
oh and thanks for that link !
I hate when things like this happen. Computers are a necessary evil! I get some kind of spam from ebay most everyday and I constantly send to the spoofebay email to report. I have noticed that alot of the great mixed media work is not on eBay anymore and my work is not selling well at all. When I had checked etsy before I felt like people were looking but not really buying. Are people buying on etsy??? Are there any other sites or good online groups out there? jenny elkins
that happened to me last year!!! awful...just Awful....
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