cooking time!
Tomorrow is the big day. Gobble, Gobble. Paul will be doing the cooking and I'll be cleaning the house getting ready for everyone to come over. We'll have about 8 people over all together.

I'll be eating Macaroni and Cheese since I am the only veggie in the group. Actually, I think I am the only person in America who doesn't like Thanksgiving food and always ends up having cereal later because I'm still hungry.

We bought a new Cranium game to play after we eat, should be fun!

Today I worked on commissions and a project for a book -- making designs for baby clothes - which started out hard, and now I am getting into it.

Tonight, I'll start the big clean up of the house. I usually like to do a major clean session before people come over, you'll find me vacuuming out the fridge grate and other unnecessary things, but it makes me feel good to do all that cleaning!

I hope everyone who celebrates has a Happy Thanksgiving!
There is at least one other person in America who doesn't like Thanksgiving food (me). I'm also a veggie. One year when my brother and I were both vegetarians, my mom made a delicious dish called lentil loaf, but I have not been able to convince her to make it again. :( So I will eat mashed potatoes.
Hi Claudine,
It doesn't matter what one eats, important is to give pleasure!
Happy Thanksgiving!
Hope you and your family (and the little furry ones, of course) have a wonderful Thanksgiving - & thank you for inspiring us always with your lovely art =)
He-he.. the little stove is super cute. Mac & Cheese is the food of Kings and Queens, plus after dinner you will be the only one not falling asleep from all the turkey. Happy Thanksgiving
Hey Claudine
Happy Thanksgiving. Our "meal" here was "special pancakes"-pancakes with either chocolate chips (for my son) or fruit (for hubby & I). You're not alone on Turkey Day!!!
Hope Stan is feeling better...and everything is alright.
So nice to know that another artist is saving the turkeys on Thanksgiving!

Claudine, have you ever tried a TOFURKEY ROAST? It is actually quite tasty and comes with a gravy as well. We had it this year - got it our one of our local markets called Trader Joe's.
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