we're in cactus country
We made it to Phoenix! yay! The trip was very smooth. The security lines were long at the airport but that was to be expected. I did OK not bringing water on the plane and managed not to totally dehydrate. And my luggage did not get lost which is always a relief.

Mom and I arrived at the
convention hotel around 11am and got settled, ordered room service for lunch and took a long nap. After being up from 3:45am we were exhausted. Once we finally woke up we headed out to gather supplies for my classes tomorrow. The hotel is right near Target and a Michael's which is so convenient!

Bravo at this hotel, but I think I'll go to a Starbucks and use their wireless so I can download Project Runway on iTunes. That way I can watch it on Thursday.

Tonight was the
Meet the Artist gathering. The teachers set up tables and displayed artwork and class samples, luckily I had brought a few things for my table too. I had almost forgot in my rush packing yesterday. It was fun to see so many familiar faces and extra fun to introduce my Mom to everyone.

Tomorrow will be another busy day! So I am off to bed!

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Glad you made it safely..adorable cowgirl!
goodluck and much success to you!!!
Yee-haw! So glad you made it safe and sound! Looking forward to hearing more about your workshop when you get back.
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