ready to go!
I'm just about all packed and ready to head off to my workshops in Arizona tomorrow! My Mom and I will be leaving at 4:45am. Bright and early! Thank you in advance to my Dad for driving us to the airport that hour!

Today I got all the laundry finished, a last minute commission delivered to a local client, and got the studio cleaned and ready for the I Want That taping the morning after I get home.


All I have left are a few more emails and then I need to write out a list of the pets' medicines and schedules for Paul. Since I have been home since May, Paul hasn't been privy to all the new supplements and medicines that
Toby and Mabel need to keep them in tip top shape. Believe me it's quite a list!

Hopefully I don't have any contraband materials in my carry on. It feels so weird to put my toiletries in my check in case. I do not like doing that. At all. What if they lose my case and then I will be without my
Proactiv, I can't even bear to think about that!

OK see you guys from the road. I'll try to post updates when I can!

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Hi Claudine! I'm keeping up with u this summer - just barely! - and I'm just reading your life! I just flew, strictly east coast and well below and outside of the DC, New York Metro area, but they WILL search your bags and shoes, purse, etc. Best to pile what you can into ziplocs and check it in - yep Proactiv is too expensive, and important, to lose. My best to you while you travel and teach; travelling mercies to ya!
Karen and I look forward to seeing you at AU! I'm gonna feel sorry for the other people staying at the Embassy Suites if it doesn't get BRAVO- there's gonna be a lot of grumpy artists mumbling loudly. =)
I hope you have a great trip that is uneventful in the flying dept :) I hope you put all your toiletries in a super heavy duty zip loc bag!

I'm sure your pets will miss you terribly (Paul included!). It will make coming home that much sweeter.
Godspeed sweet Claudine! Have Fun and don't lose your voice!!! I'll be thinkin' of YOU! xo ps. the word verification is Funny since I read you were mooned, here it is!
buutz lol
Hope you have tons of fun! It'll be nice to come to a clean home!
:) Abbie
Hello Lady! I hope your trip is fast and your landing smooth! Sheila says 'thank you!' for turning her onto Proactive (her skin is now zit free).
Hope you got to Arizona ok...with all your stuff. Have a great workshop!!
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