laundry before i leave
It's been a whirlwind around here getting ready to leave on Monday morning. Running errands, packing supplies and clothes. I'm also doing lots of laundry. I did a few loads of laundry and then cleaned the house and shaved Toby (he looks much better than when I shaved him last time).

Even washed the duvet and duvet cover. Then put the bed back together again. Whenever I put the duvet cover on the duvet I always think of that game we had to play in PE in grade school with the parachute.

Did you ever play that?Where you get in a circle around a parachute and shake it so it floats in the air, then you'd run underneath it.

What was the point of that game? What were we supposed to learn? I wonder. Still it was much better than dodge ball or kick ball.

Now I'm watching Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (love that movie - Johnny Depp is a genius) while I finish email and then it's sleepy time.

It'll be another busy day tomorrow.
Ha! I remember that silly parachute game in P.E. too. But like you, I haven't the slightest idea what it's purpose was. My daughter did it in school too...Hmmm, I wonder if she remembers what we were supposed to learn from it?
So funny, that is what I think of too when putting the duvet and cover back on the bed too ! I had a kitty who loved playing parachute as I made the bed. It was a fun game.

Any photos of Toby and his new "do"? Have a safe trip and have fun teaching !
Pick me! Pick me! The game was fun, but it also involved team work if it was to work.

It was initially designed as part of a range of activities, like the one with the giant ball to be kept afloat.

Afterwards the teacher would/should debrief about what it took to make the exercise successul.. But I think a lot of people taught it just because kids enjoyed it.

Good Luck with the trip.
lord, claudine, i've been away too long. kitty spoon urine collection, filming you with your forever croaky voice after doing art retreats, no water on the planes, getting mooned, popcorn dinners, duvet changes, hmm - have i left anything out?! methinks we've been out of touch too long. i miss our talks xoxoxo
sometimes I scroll too far!! - my post to your previous post was meant for this one.
i never played the parachute game, but I hated gym class in general - physical competition, big butchy (female)gym teachers, public showers, very scary in my teens!!
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