first workshop
My first day of class here in Phoenix flew by! Everyone made wonderful artwork and it was a very fun day!

Here's a photo of me and Renee Plains. She took my workshop today and is coming to my class tomorrow too! We had so much to chat about. Her
dog Hannah passed away from the same disease that our baby kitty Maggie had, IMHA. Learn more about the disease here. We commiserated about the helpless feelings of losing a young pet.

After class Mom and I headed out for dinner. We wound up at Anthropologie (I found two shirts I liked! yay!) and then Mom bought a few items at Talbot's. We did well for two ladies who hate to clothes shop. Then we had dinner at
North Restaurant. Yummy! Yum yum!

Looking forward to another busy day tomorrow!

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I LOVE Anthropologie. Good thing there is not one too close, or I'd be there all the time (spending too much money). Glad your class went well and hope today will be just as wonderful!
Claudine, sounds like you're having a great time. I am assuming the flight went well.

Have a wonderful week!
Aww, hi, Renee! I love Renee! We always see her at Artfest...funny, it takes going to Port Townsend to see Renee (she lives in the same valley that I do!) Her doggie passed away not too long before Artfest of this year and she told us about it at the airport...She's such a sweetheart! I'm coming to Art Unraveled on Thurs. I hope I see both of you there!
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